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Kevin De Bruyne, the Forgotten Transfer.

29 Dec 2012
by Sweeperkeeper
Chelsea spent copiously during the summer transfer window, with the likes of Hazard, Oscar and Moses adding to the Chelsea ranks. With such eye c... [More]

Why we should all love the League Cup.

03 Nov 2012
by Sweeperkeeper
I began writing this article on Monday, obviously prior to the games on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I started it after listening to a conversation... [More]

Outstanding Premier League XI

23 Oct 2012
by Sweeperkeeper
A slightly different article from me but I thought that it might be interesting to look at who, in my opinion, have been the outstanding players ... [More]

Is John Obi Mikel Underrated?

06 Oct 2012
by Sweeperkeeper
John Obi Mikel (25) moved to English football in 2006 in a storm of controversy - did he sign for Manchester United under duress? Did Chelsea kid... [More]

Could this be Arsenal’s year?

19 Sep 2012
by Sweeperkeeper
Man City have slipped up twice already, and Man United have shown a certain degree of fallibility conceding five goals, and losing one. Chelsea a... [More]

Is Di Matteo’s Reluctance to Introduce New Faces Bad for Chelsea

18 Sep 2012
by Sweeperkeeper
Top of the table, three wins from four and no losses, you can’t really argue with that can you? However if you scratch beneath the surface ... [More]

Forced to play in the Reserves.

15 Sep 2012
by Sweeperkeeper
Stories have been fervently cobbled together in the past week about how unhappy Malouda is at Chelsea; this follows his Twitter comment about how... [More]

Should Neymar stay in Brazil?

12 Sep 2012
by Sweeperkeeper
Interest in Neymar has been rife among the world’s top clubs for some time now, so it came as no surprise when the Sun reported t... [More]

The Good and the Bad of the Transfer Window

11 Sep 2012
by Sweeperkeeper
So, what to do with a two week break.... the obvious answer is to unfairly judge the new signings in the premier league! Who have been the star t... [More]