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Favourite Club : Real Madrid / Los Merengues
About the Author : Im a South Korean medical student, aspiring to become a sports medicine expert in Sanitas someday. Been a Los Blancos ever since I can remember. Huge follower of Mourinho, too.

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Ruthless Bayern, both on and off the pitch, asks who's the boss.

24 Apr 2013
by Terry Park
After announcing that they have acquired one of the most sought after players in the Bundesliga, they showed what else they were capable of [More]

Careful Conjecture on Fate of Real Madrid in Champions League

10 Dec 2012
by Terry Park
For the first time in the history of UEFA Champion's league, the defending champions crashed out to the second tier continental competition, th... [More]

Superlative Spain, Pirlo's tears and my thoughts on the game.

03 Jul 2012
by Terry Park
So far, we have never seen a team conquer three consecutive major trophies including two Euros, which is supposed to be harder to win than WC. [More]

Basque Festival in Bucharest. Kudos on both sides.

11 May 2012
by Terry Park
The two Basque founded clubs have different approaches and attitudes when it comes to transfer policies. Does the result tell Bilbao to open up? [More]

Here we go folks! Let's see who's going to win Euro 2012?

08 May 2012
by Terry Park
This article actually need a lot of comments and participation from you readers! I would sincerely appreciate each and every comment! [More]

Did the Manchester Derby decide the Title?

02 May 2012
by Terry Park
A sample of Fergie's hairdryer treatment at Mancini after De Jong's tackle showed just how frustrated the Knight was at Etihad Stadium, tonight. [More]

Who did better? The 164th El Clasico.

22 Apr 2012
by Terry Park
It was the 90th minute, with FC barcelona on the verge to lose their 54 game unbeaten record at Camp Nou, with the Catalans winning their last 11... [More]