As I'm sure a lot of Arsenal fans are at the moment, I'm confused. For the first time in 16 years, the faith I have in our manager is wavering, and I'm starting to feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the club as it works at the moment. 

The dilemma as far as I see it is that if Arsene did leave of his own accord, or if he got sacked, he could still, without any doubt in my mind, walk into any of the biggest clubs in the world and become their manager. So if this is the case, why should he go? 

Surely this shows us as fans that Arsene may not be the problem. I'm confident if Arsene went to, for example, Real Madrid in the summer, like has been spoken about over the last month or so, that he would have an instant impact and could easily challenge, or even win La Liga. The differences as i see it between Real and Arsenal, are, one: the quality of players, and two: the mentality of the players.

Now, like I said, I am a confused fan, because the two issues I've just pointed out can only be put at the managers feet. So is he the problem at Arsenal, and why could he walk into any club in the world?

The initial reaction of any Arsenal fan is to say that he is a great manager. But if that's the case, then why can't he do what he used to at Arsenal? The board have made it perfectly clear, however much Arsene denies it, that there has been money to spend for a number of years now. So why hasn't he spent it? You would never expect the greatest managers in the game to let a club slide so far, and still not spend money to improve the team so that they can challenge for trophies. The excuse he gives that there are no players out there that can improve the squad for a good value, doesn't wash with me. The best recent example I can give would be Demba Ba in the summer. As a proven striker in the Premier League, why did the club not approach him? He would definitely have added something to the squad.

As Beyern proved in the week, the role of a top defensive midfielder could not have been any more obvious, and it's something we haven't addressed since the summer. With the money that we have available, why have we still not replaced Song?

Now this comes to the crux of my article. Arsene would be effective at Real, because the players that Arsenal are lacking, and that Arsene has been reluctant to go and buy, are already there. They already have a top striker. They already have a top defensive midfielder, and many more top players throughout the side, so this affectively cuts out the part of Arsene's managing ethos that Arsenal fans are so tired with.

The most frustrating part for me, is that you can tell that us not performing really does hurt Arsene as much as it hurts us as fans. So why won't he buy the players that we need, especially as we have the money to do it.

I want to believe. I want Arsene to prove himself, as I have for the last 8 years, as I would hate to see Arsene manage another side. It would just feel wrong. But he needs to change his outlook on spending. He has to. And soon, or it will be too late and a lot of the incredible things he has done for the club, in the eyes of many fans, will have been lost, and that as far as I'm concerned would be a travesty.

In Arsene we no longer trust, but really want to once again...