The oldest managers in the EPL at the moment are: Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, each having put in so many years into serving their clubs. It is amazing how the two very different tactical gurus in their early EPL days have grown similar traits in the management of their teams.while Ferguson seem quick to change and adapt when he realizes his errors, Wenger is slow to change and sometimes stubborn to a fault:

Wenger's Tactical Arrogance: 

Diaby's return to the team prompted Wenger's decision not to buy a defensive midfielder even after the sale of Alex Song, he opted for a pairing of Arteta and Diaby an idea that seemingly worked well until Diaby picked up another injury. Ramsey who had been played from the bench was called in to fill the void left by Diaby's injury, a move many of us knew was going to haunt Arsenal. A lot of us wondered why Coquelin, a more defensive midfielder was not given the needed opportunity to blossom just like Jenkinson did in Sagna's absence. The void became immediately obvious as Arsenal lost at home to Chelsea, conceded against the run of play at West Ham, before bouncing back to win the game 1-3. 

Wenger against Norwich played a clueless Ramsey in midfield alongside Arteta and Carzola, a move analyst, fans and critics clearly predicted will leave the back four unduly exposed. He did it all the same and the rest you know already. He was so tactically arrogant, it reflected in the teams attitude on the pitch, he refused to change the style of play even after bringing on Giroud towards the tail end of the game. He just wanted to show everyone that Arsenal don't need to cross the ball into the box to score, even with a very tall striker finally on the pitch.

Wenger's Obsession:

To everyone's absolute horror Wenger still found a place in his starting XI against Schalke 04' for Ramsey! Preferring to play him wide on the right side of attack instead of playing Gervinho, Ox, or Gnabry there and Giroud centrally. It was agonizing to the Arsenal fans as they watched their beloved team gunned down at home 0-2.

Against QPR, Alas! The clueless Ramsey found his way once again into the starting lineup ahead of Gervinho, Theo, and Arshavin! One can't but ask if this same Ramsey will make the starting lineup at any of the top EPL teams...? So why would Arsene Wenger clearly jeopardize Arsenal's chances of winning by playing him even with better options available? "OBSESSION" only logical conclusion.

So I ask; does tactical Arrogance and Obsessions come with age for managers? Maybe there's a thin line between being a genius and being a freak? I respect Wenger as a coach, his achievements and experience is something any coach would be proud of, one would therefore expect Wenger to know better! He has taken his Ramsey Obsession too far, it's hurting the team.