Two of the most amazing, completely sublime players to ever grace this planet are constantly battling it out to gain the 'Worlds Best Player' crown. Of course trophies matter and yes Messi may have more Ballond'Or's than Ronaldo however, that doesn't stop the public from having daily debates regarding the two players. It is very hard to separate these two guys. They have both been in the spotlight for a very long time and whenever they put one foot wrong the whole world jumps on it. You have the quick, mesmerizing feet of Messi or the blistering pace and fancy footwork from Ronaldo. Every football fan in the entire world from India to America or Britain to Australia have had that compelling debate involving these two magical players, it is just a magnetic topic in the football world.  

It is so ridiculously easy to hate both of these two players because they are that good. You cannot take away the class of the two players. Where do I begin? Lets start with Ronaldo. One  hundred appearances for your country and four hundred and eighty-one appearances for the three clubs (Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and Real Madrid) he has played for (so far). This shows how desired he is, how much he is in demand. Many players his age do not have that many apps in the league and other  games never mind that tantalizing total for his international career. Thirty-seven goals for his still in tact international career but shadowing that is his domestic club total, standing at two  hundred and eighty-six. His goal tally merely speaks for itself, a great player and still a long  career ahead of him. Trust me there will be plenty more goals. Ronaldo isn't afraid of defenders. 

He will quite happily attack them with his rapid pace often beating his opponents and whipping in  one of those God-awful balls that torture defenders and goal keepers falling more kindly to strikers or incoming players. A player who must or is very close to having the best free kicks in the world, scoring some wordly twenty five yarders. If his pace or immense shots don't do the job he still has more ammunition up his sleeve. He will pull out his annoying yet mesmerizing skill set.  Often stepping over or knocking it between people's legs or some neat little clever flicks into the path of a teammate. So many people big Ronaldo up with those assets which of course would be  welcomed in any team - past, present and in the future. He is not perfect. He is not completely  flawless. One thing that really frustrates people is he is knocked down too easily. I mean the  tiniest bit of contact and he is writhing on the floor in pain when it is probably a mere figment  of his imagination. Ronaldo isn't the best defender either, yes he will come back and help his team but not that often. Finally one of the most frustrating things about this remarkable player is the fact that he tries too much. He may try to show off and try some trickery. Something for the  camera's when in reality a simple short pass to a teammate would suffice. Sometimes he tries too hard and always wants to be the star of the show.  

Lionel Messi classed as a footballing God. Already a legend. Loved by millions for his magician  style antics on the field. Messi like Ronaldo also plays international football, gaining seventy- five appearances for his country and thirty one goals. Just falling short of Ronaldo. This still shows however, he is still pretty good on the world stage. Internationally, he isn't a failure  there either. Messi has only ever played for Barcelona and currently sitting at three hundred and  forty-three appearances and two hundred and seventy goals in the domestic league and cups. Messi  is no stranger to scoring goals, but he is also no stranger to assisting. If you took away all the  assists he has had in his career and he took them for himself you can bet your bottom dollar the  majority of those chances would have been converted into goals. The small trickery maestro is absolutely, no doubt second to none when it comes to footwork. The way his feet work are  inexplicable. Its like he is possessed with magical feet, it is just so baffling. It's almost like someone is controlling him with an Xbox controller, playing FIFA Street or FIFA. He gets out of the most sticky situations in such confined spaces too, it truly is bewildering. This man is  almost impossible to tackle. The ball is there and then gone again faster than  you can say the  letter C. It is inevitable to foul him he is that good. He like Ronaldo is not afraid of running  at defenders, his movement is hard to comprehend, even adhesive couldn't keep a defender stuck to him. His balance and posture are second to none too. You very rarely say 'he was leaning back too much'. A great footballing brain too, able to pick a pass and have it inch perfect whether it's switching it across the field or if he's playing it in behind the back four. Same with Ronaldo, Messi is not flawless. His defending ability is not that great and thing that frustrates me personally, is he is too greedy. Maybe greedy isn't the correct word however it feels right. He will try to take on players and go it alone then run into three or four opponents when he could of  passed it to a teammate. Okay the move may take longer but in the long run it will be better, a  chance could be created maybe you miss, maybe you score but it is much better than conceding  possession then having to backtrack and most likely committing a foul or not making much of a  difference at all.  

Don't get me wrong, Messi and Ronaldo are brilliant players and I know they are both adorned by many but I do feel Ronaldo just edges it at this point in time. They are both just above mediocre at  international level. Neither really shining, making it more a team effort, rather than it just being down to one person or seeming as if it is down to one person. I feel this way because Ronaldo has played in three different countries domestically. He has played in Portugal, Spain and England. In all three countries he has ripped up. He has showed his worth. He has tortured defenses, scored  terrific goals. Won trophies however you cannot say the same for Messi. Messi has only ever been  at Barcelona and played in the Spanish league. Messi has always had an amazing foundation to build himself upon, to play off. The players around him make it possible for him to be that good. He just adds more, more class and brilliance. When Messi plays in another country like England or Italy then maybe I may change my mind. Ronaldo has adapted his play to play well in three different  leagues and done well in all of them. That is what makes me feel as though Ronaldo just edges it  that little bit. All credit to Messi however, because he is a ridiculously sublime player.