Is it worth mentioning that today’s perception of the beautiful game is nothing more than overpaid Prima Donna's, who like to throw themselves to the ground, throw their dummies out of the pram, cry when all doesn’t go their way? I think so, It’s a far cry to what it used to be all about when you had brutes like Chopper Harris, Vinnie Jones and Roy Keane around, just to name a few of a long list of bruisers that have graced this great sport. So what is the reason for it? I was watching a Champions League game last week (Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid) and for the life of me I couldn’t see how or why a grown man would persist on throwing himself to the ground when he feels the faintest of touches, than proceeds too toll around of the turf as if they have been shot by a 9MM.

                                                                  Remember this?

It’s something that really makes me lose a little bit of respect for the game, the referees have the united power to stop these cry babies from diving about the place like an Olympic swimmer – so the question begs, why haven’t the referee committees and the F.A governing bodies come together to negotiate a plan that would stop the rot of playing football the wrong way? If a referee sees a challenge that is deemed ‘too soft’, then book the player that dives, if need be produce the red card, guarantee the idiotic behaviour would be much more positive because players would stop doing it – its simple logic too me.

Just to name and shame a few...

Cristiano Ronaldo

Didier Drogba

Luis Suarez

Franck Ribery

Marco Materazzi

Sergio Busquets

What would be your solution to the problem, how would you combat this if you were a referee?