Today, whilst watching Athletico play Real Sociedad, I heard the commentator comment about Antoine Griezmann's possible move to Athletico. Apparently the kid had signed till 2016 but had publicly stated he was willing to take offers which had undoubtedly hurt the fans. The commentator then laughed and said it was cause apparently people in Spain felt identified with their club. See this is something I found strange. I don't understand how people can watch their team and not feel any passion.

I think we are reaching an era in football where the average supporter doesn't feel his colours. Where a lot of supporters watch the game because everyone else does and they enjoy watching football every now and then. That they support a club because its something else they can say about themselves and they feel that team plays a certain style which they find attractive. What's worse is the renown glory supporters that change teams as they deem fit depending on the successes of that club. Jose Mourinho the other day came out in an interview and said that there are a lot of undercover supporters. That although there were a lot of supporters that did feel the colours and placed faith in the team, there were too many people without heart supporting madrid. I have had the misfortune to experience exactly what he is talking about.  These people do not realise that people spend years hoping that their club can do something amazing, something that they dream about and makes their day to day that much easier. A hope that has grown due to current form and years of progress from a small scale village team to what some clubs of the modern day have become. These clubs slowly fulfil the wishes and dreams of their supporters. Players become local legends and icons. Some players are considered Romantics for a reason.

See, I take this very personally. I have had the luck to have been to the Santiago Bernabeu many times in my life, watching my team is something that I'm always grateful for. It's something that inspires me and expands my creativity for the game. However, over the last few years I have had the misfortune of living how some of the supporters support their teams. People that pay hundreds every year to have a seat for a few games and then sit there and complain and even curse their team for 90 minutes. They're unforgiving and often refuse to wrap themselves around their team. See most people don't realise this but it is often the crowd that makes the games great. There are games that you see on TV that give you goosebumps, the best example I have seen after Madrid-Barcelona's is the Sanchez Pizjuan. Sevilla supporters see their club as their family. Their clubs history is their families legacy. These supporters wrap themselves around the players, giving them an incredible psychological advantage. This energy, which is often translated into sounds, creates an incredibly hostile environment for the enemy team. This energy could be considered a battle cry which is vital to any form of war. Although I admit that every person has the right to do things as they want to, I hope that these supporters will eventually change and support their teams for what they're actually worth.

                                        "Energy and Persistence Conquer All Things" - Benjamin Franklin