If you were to ask 100 football fans right now to pick a winner for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, I would estimate the vast majority would reply with Spain or Brazil, a dozen or so would pick Germany, Argentina or Holland and of course there would be the admirably optimistic and unfortunately deluded few who would say England.

Although it would take a brave man to go for a team away from the five or six cited above, I offer a different opinion.

I think that there is a real possibility that the winners of the 2014 World Cup could be the Belgians.

Now I am aware my opinion will cause some concern and ridicule, which I will gladly accept, but not before my reasons are heard.

Aside from the unfairly talented Eden Hazard, the Belgians boast more than their fair share of quality players.

In between the sticks they have whom I believe will one day be ranked amongst the greatest in the world, Chelsea's Thibaut Courtois. Protected by the likes of Thomas Vermaelen, Vincent Kompany and Jan Vertonghen, the Belgians won't ship many goals.

The Belgian midfield is where I believe most of their strength lies; Eden Hazard, Moussa Dembele, Alex Witsel, Marouane Fellaini and Dries Mertens to name a few, are all immensely gifted footballers who should, by tradition, reach the peak of their powers in 2014.

Up front is definitely not a weak point either. They possess Romelu Lukaku, tipped to be the next Didier Drogba. Already establishing himself in the Premier League with West Brom, it's scary to how unplayable he will be in 2014. Alongside Lukaku, the Belgians have the very highly rated Kevin Mirallas of Everton and Aston Villa's Christain Benteke, both of whom have made an immediate impact on the Barclays Premier League since joining their respective clubs this summer.

Besides the natural ability which Belgium undoubtedly possess, I am also of the opinion that the vast majority of their squad will reach the prime of their careers in and around 2014.

And, after making short work of the likes of Wales (granted, no great achievement) and Serbia so far in the qualifying campaign, I see them having no problems making it to Rio in 2014.

All the above reasons, and the fact they will be very rank outsiders, is why I will be having a cheeky tenner on Belgium for the World Cup in 2014, and why I think you should do the same.