A look at some candidates for the managerial position at Bolton

So, Bolton without a manager, at long last. I think it was the right decision without a doubt, can only wish Coyle well in the future but for now, it was the right move. The last one and a half years there has just been a decline in form. However, a new manager doesn't necessarily mean a change in form, or fortune, because let's be honest, decisions haven't gone Bolton's way much as of late.

What are the problems?

Well, for starters, a poor, poor defence and something has to change. With Coyle being shown the door it leaves  opportunity for a new manager to implement a new style, new tactics, and hopefully sort out the catastrophic defence. Another big problem is the midfield, or a certain player that goes by the name of 'Stuart Holden', people will argue that Bolton's dramatic drop in form came when we got it handed to us at Wembley, by Stoke. I have to disagree, when Holden got injured against Manchester United, I think that's when the drop in form began. Only a few games before the Stoke game but Stuart Holden's influence in the midfield is greatly missed. Mark Davies has the promise to step up, but last season when we needed a midfielder who can pick a pass and run with the ball he shied away far too much for my liking.

The Candidates.

I haven't seen the odds on favourites to get the job. The list doesn't look too bad at the moment, with the likes of Alan Curbishly, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Mick Mcarthy, Phil Brown, Roy Keane and Paolo Di Canio. Curbishly, although no doubt that he could do a job, I'm glad that he has said he doesn't want the job. Mick Mcarthy, he was a name always going to be up there, promoted twice, but is he the man for the job? Personally, I'm not a fan of him, so I don't think so. I could go on and on about all the managers linked, but I think I would like to see Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 'The Baby Faced Assassin' take over at Bolton, and judging by a poll on a Bolton Wanderers fan site, almost half of the votes are in favour of him, he lead Molde FK to thier first title in his first season (if I am not mistaken) and yes, ofcourse you will get the fans saying, "Oh that's in Norway, I bet he can't do that in England", the very same as they say about any player that plays over-seas. Also, Roy Keane is a name very much on fans lips, but after Sunderland, he became another one of the ex Manchester United players to ruin his rep, at Ipswich this time around. Hopefully the right man for the job is chosen and hopefully he can turn this mess around.

Not a very long article but don't have much time on my hands, and I just thought i'd share my opinions.