Lots of rumors have been circulating about what the future might hold for Javier Hernández, best known as Chicharito or "Little Pea". Ever since this season started the mexican player was on the edge of leaving Manchester United. It was rumored that he would have been trade for Robin Van Persie and his future was almost assured in Arsenal. But Chicharito stood up and wanted to defend his place at United. Or at least that was his official word.

Now two months have passed and his departure is again something to talk about. Spanish diary Marca said a few day ago that Sir Alex Ferguson was looking to get Robert Lewandowsky from Borussia Dortmund in the team by the winter market. This would complicate even more the oportunities for Chicharito to be aligned or to even enter the field for a few minutes. Hernandez has only scored one goal this season and his low activity might be one of the reasons the mexican star would look forward to exit the team in the search for oportunities.

The earliest information about the subject is that he migh be used as currency in negociations with spanish club Real Madrid. The "red devils" would be looking to ad Benzema or even Kaká to the team. This way Javier Hernández is now a real posibility for Madrid. Rumors point that Florentino Pérez, Real Madrid's president, has already spoken to United's heads and will be looking to get an agreement over the mexican forward.

The real questions are here. What is best for both teams and the player? If Manchester United was to get Lewandowsky he would have another great player in a possition that right now is saturated with good quality and reinforcements. Same thing if they get Benzema but I believe that he is better. Now with Kaká you get a sort of midfielder that would work more for the team. That is just in case he has recovered his quality that made him known. Otherwise they will have another Michael Owen. Madrid has no problem with letting go any of them. They have more were those came from, maybe they will lose and extra surprise at the attack but they will gain speed with Javier and explosivity.

Javier is currently not seeing any action at the team. He plays but he is not getting as much oportunities as he did in the past and sadly this affects the hopes of an entire selection that has him as the main savior. If Javier is not in a great shape, Mexico might not do as well as they're used to. I personally think that Madrid is not the best option because he has many figures ahead before he can even get a chance to play. What might be best for Chicharito is to look for a loan with a team who is obviously important in Europe but where he knows he's going to get the chance that he needs to develop and continue to adapt in order to return in a year or two to Manchester as an important player.