No, you are not hearing a part of Batman film’s dialogue. It might be a dialogue coming from goalkeepers to their defenders or maybe dialogue between defenders when Manchester United build an attack. “Watch out! Wayne and Robin are coming! Don’t let them get the ball!” Of course it means Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie.

It’s a normal thing that will happen when defenders are facing two players that have their name on last season top scorer. Both of them are also the top scorer for their club last season. And now, they work together in one club. Seems horrific, right?

Robin had done so many difficult things last season. Do you remember his volley against Everton and Liverpool? The same difficult or maybe impossible thing happened when he joined United. Difficult to be done, but Robin had done it.

It didn’t take long time for Wayne to follow Robin on twitter after Robin had finished his transfer to United. Fans and people started talking how it will be for United when Robin and Wayne work together. Two top class players on top front of United, so promising.

But, United fans had to wait for a long time to see the combination between Wayne and Robin. In the first match against Everton, Robin came only for 20 minutes. And the second match against Fulham, Wayne who came as substitution had injury that kept him away from the pitch for 4 weeks.

Wayne and Robin started together when United faced Cluj in Champions league group stage. Wayne sent 2 assist to Robin. Great pass and brilliant finish came from them.

The topic started rising, is this the start of their scary combination? Wayne and Robin have had good understanding on the match. Robin's celebration with Wayne indicated something good. The future seems bright.

With Robin on top front, Kagawa's vision and Rooney's pace behind him, Valencia's speed and cross, Scholes's amazing pass and ability to control the game. It should be a great season logically. United can play 4-3-2-1 with Kagawa and Wayne behind Robin. And if Ferguson wants to put winger, they can play 4-2-3-1, put Rooney on the left, Nani or Valencia on the right. Rooney was on this position in 2008, took a part on on United's amazing season with Ronaldo and Tevez.

So, is this combination going to impress the fans and club? If Robin can avoid injury that haunted his career, United shouldn’t worry about their goal difference that hurt them last season.

But, if something bad happens to Robin, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal fans might be laughing hardly at Ferguson who laments on Robin’s ankle.