Do you ever see a donut? It describes Manchester United. A hole on the middle of it.

If you are following Manchester United match, you will be able to conclude that something wrong happen with their midfield. Manchester United midfield is a cursed place, or you can assume that Manchester United is donut which has a hole in the middle of it.

After the departure of Roy Keane, the problem of United’s midfield can’t be solved until now. Although they have Darren Fletcher who is a fighter, but the problem in his stomach resist him to play for United.

Last season, United had many problems on their midfield after Tom Cleverley had an injury. So, Paul Scholes was called back to the squad. It was a short time solution for United to bring their player who had retired, they didn’t have any option, so the best option was calling scholes back.

The problem happens again this season. United’s first game against Everton, Maroune Fellaini bullied United’s midfield which is lack of dominance presence and also lack of strength on aerial duels.  Baines just sent the ball to Fellaini, and that happened very often.

Not only in the first game, the game against Fulham shows that Mousa Dembele can split United’s Midfield and defense. Dembele not only has speed, but he also has strength and pace, and United’s couldn’t deal with it.

Every time United’s opponent plays the ball, United’s midfield just wait and not giving big pressure to the opponent, we can see it in the game against Liverpool. Liverpool had lost 1 man but still dominated the possession. Last season, United lost to City who have Yaya Toure, Newcastle who have Cheick Tiote and Blackburn who use physical strategy. United’s problem are box-to-box midfielders who have speed, pace, and strength.

Ryan Giggs, Tom Cleverley, Paul Scholes, Shinji Kagawa, none of them have strength to compete with Yaya Toure, Dembele, Tiote, and Fellaini. How about Anderson? Hmm.. Maybe United fans should not rely him.