Today was possibly the biggest capture of Arsenals last 2 seasons, with the return of Super Jack back to training, after his awful ankle injury against the New York Bulls last preseason, and it’s ironic it was the same team as Thierry Henry has ended up.

However if Jack can continue the fitness recovery it is surely going to enhance Arsenals Premiership chances this season and could see their odds drop from 8/1 to win the league this season.  More important it will give the England football team a feel good factor which is definelty missing at the moment, and it’s not a might, it’s a when will Jack replace Steve G and Frank Lampard in the England set up and he will surely as well become a future captain.
I visited an Arsenals game last season and could not believe the hype around The Emirates with Jack Wilshire, and how many people were speaking about him even though he was injured for the entire season. Jack Wilshire is the biggest selling shirt in the club shop and expects it to sell out when Jack makes his return to Premiership action.

Well what is so great about Jack? The answer is he is fast, has fantastic link up play, and passes a ball which I can only state is like Glen Hoddle and sorry to Arsenal fans for mentioning a Spurs legend, others believe he is like Liam Brady, so when you have 2 players with that type of ability you can see why Jack was voted young player of the year in 2011 by his fellow professionals.

Jack could be the transfer of the season, and yes he has not been signed by Arsenal but he will be a breath of fresh air, and money could not have bought the talents of this Midfield genius.

It is possible he will be back in the middle of October watch out The Premiership,