After read the headline,most of you think Manchester City are going to make bid for CR7 or Falco during winter transfer.If so,you are wrong then.I did same mistake when heard this.

But what exactly is Construction of the £100million City Football Academy on waste land next to The Etihad will begin in the next few days.The Premier league champions,expect the 80-acre site due to be up and running in two years. One of the important feature of the complex will allow ground staff to change the grass on one of the pitches so it matches the surface City will play their next away game on. The areana is almost equivalent to five Etihads and consists of: A stadium can accommodate 7,000 people for youth and reserve games.

16 full-size pitches,including one indoors. A 400-player Academy with classrooms for 200 pupils. On-site accommodation for junior and senior players. A state-of-the-art first-team building complete with injury and rehab centre. A bridge linking the Etihad to the site. City’s football development executive Vieira said:

“What I find really exciting about the project is that before designing the facilities, they have been to the football world, the basketball world and the NFL world. “I believe it is the best project in all of sport because people have travelled the world to capture the best in every sport and bring it here. “It is a long-term commitment and I am really excited about it because once you see the pictures you can’t wait for the work to start.”

Its a long term project,expected to complete in 4 years and involved extensive research into 30 top sporting complexes around the world. Lets see how much will the complex help them over the rivals.