Well here we are, approaching the final week of the transfer window. Still plenty of deals to be done I'm sure. That superstar still to be signed, that overpaid waste of space still to be sold. Whatever happens in the next week or so, whoever ends up where, one thing's for sure is that the rumours will be flying, your team will be linked with multiple different players and your players will be linked with multiple different clubs. But it's the way these rumours are spread between fans that has changed dramatically.

Social media sites have, obviously, had a huge effect on society in general, and in particular the way in which news and gossip is spread throughout the world. At this time of year, transfer rumours are the ultimate form of gossip for football fans, and Twitter, in particular, is integral to the spreading of these rumours. Gone are the days when I used to read a newspaper to find out who we were going to sign, now I log into twitter and read who we are being linked with on that particular day, who we are looking to get rid of and more often than not which player is supposedly flying in for his medical that afternoon, and this is the trouble with trusting twitter, it is just one giant rumour mill with stories being bounced around the world.

There are so many people on twitter who are supposedly "in the know", don't get me wrong, I'm sure occasionally people do have a bit of info to share and that's fine. But it's those so called "agents" who leak stories or those ITK accounts that report x player will definitely sign for x club in the next 24 hours and 2 weeks later you're still waiting. Personally I steer clear of the majority of these so called ITK's, there are a few people I follow who do seem to be genuinely "in the know" about certain things but that's not what they use their account for, they are just normal people who happen to know something and only spread it if they know it's true unlike the majority on twitter who love to speculate and spread any old story.

Despite all the false rumours knocking around out there, there is occasionally the odd bit of truth, sometimes, after all the talk, your club does eventually sign that player they've been after for weeks. Are you pleased? Sure, but for me personally it's become more of a relief than anything else. Now, I'm sure transfers have always been complicated affairs and some will take a lot longer than others, after all everyone wants the best deal for themselves. But in the world we live in today, where we are being bombarded with information 24/7, where you know all the "in's and out's" of a transfer deal well before it's completed, that when it is finally announced, it's a bit of an anti climax.

You've been waiting so long for it to happen that the original excitement you felt at the prospect of signing the player has gone and you're just relieved that, at last, after all the rumours, all the false medicals, it's finally over. That is until tomorrow, when it will all start again with a different player Now I'm well aware of the irony of what I'm about to write, in my blog, which I will be sharing on twitter, but, for all the benefits of the technology we have these days, there's definitely a part of me that longs for the time before the internet and social media took over the transfer rumour mill.

A simpler time when transfer stories were limited to the back few pages of a paper, where you could read them and be done with it for the day, there were no updates, you didn't keep checking to see if anything had changed, there were no rolling sports news stations, the world was a simpler place. You could wake up in the morning, wander downstairs, check teletext and your club has just signed a superstar, you knew nothing about about the deal, the rumours hadn't been building for weeks, standing there in your just your pants you were shocked, amazed, excited, overjoyed all the range of emotions we should be feeling when our clubs make an exciting new signing and why were you so happy? Why could you experience all these emotions? Because you knew absolutely nothing. Ignorance really was bliss.