Scooby & Shaggy, Sooty & Sweep, Torvil & Dean. You've all seen these, but the lastest pair Levy and AVB are about to light uo your screens.

The famous summer of sport that was set to grace our television screens and lives across 2012 lived up to every expectation possible. An England team that looks in transformation did what everyone had predicted and got knocked out of Euro 2012 from 5 kicks from 12 yards in the quarter-finals. Andy Murray got one step closer to his first Grand Slam, as I write this he is still in the US Open (Good luck to him). Then Bradley Wiggins started the success stories with an incredible win in the Tour de France. Followed by the most successful Olympics on and off the sporting fields for Great Britain and again showcased what a wonderful nation it is.

As everyone calms down ready for a winter of doom and gloom, the most famous sporting faces of them all set the country alight as the Premier League once again gets going. The office fantasy leagues are now in full swing, with 'managers' making more transfers than Sparky on deadline day and the banter between colleagues about who will beat who and the one conversation that never seems to go away, who will be the first manager sacked?

Many have the newly appointed Tottenham manager Andre Villas Boas's head already under the guillotine and believe that Levy and co are sharpening the blade, with the stench of Harry still lurking in the air. Known for his more business like, no-nonsense approach Daniel Levy, despite his investment surely won't allow this poor run of form continue. Harry Redknapp led Tottenham to 3 consecutive top 5 finishes and if it wasn't for Chelsea's well timed victory in the Champions League, a second go at the same competition in this time frame too. Yet he is now cosy on Match of the Day, being introduced as the former Tottenham manager. Yet AVB doesn't have the same reputation and love of the camera as Harry, he could be following a similar path, but no doubt it will be away from the nightmare that is England.

The most expensive 35 year old in football will need time at White Hart Lane, to stamp his authority on a Tottenham team that has taken a serious transition, from a mid-table team to potential Premier League contenders. Though as he did at Chelsea, Andre likes to do things his own way. As Abramovic did, Daniel Levy will know that he will need time and after seeing the demise of a Chelsea team next year, will have known what he got himself in to. A young manager that likes to use young players and play a continental style of football that is attractive and yet still effective if the right players fill the right positions. This is what led to the deadline day chaos at N17.

AVB would have wanted a younger goalkeeper and has fallen on gold with Hugo Lloris, Brad Fridel, 6 years the managers senior, has had some wonderful performances in a Tottenham jersey as he did in what might be his last at home to Norwich last Saturday, though the 25 year old France captain will look to make that number 1 shirt his and become a well-known face in English football as his predecessor has done so elegantly.

The other late arrivals of Clint Dempsey and Mousa Dembele will be great additions to the Tottenham side, adding that extra attacking presences that will be needed after watching Luka Modric and Rafael Van Der Vaart stroll out of the exit for a reported combined total of £42 million, and left Tottenham will a £9 million surplus this transfer window. The two D's, Dempsey and Dembele 29 and 25 respectively have both proved that they know where the goal is and can dominate Premier League matches. Then the additions of youngsters Jan Vertongan and Gylfi Siggurdson, who are perfect signings into a total football Andre Villas Boas side show how Levy is behind AVB in implementing his plan that went so horribly wrong at Chelsea. With the business brains at the top, creating the funds for new players to fit into the Villas Boas master plan which will be sure to light up the pitch, Tottenaham can go a long way, but it all depends how the relationship between these two gentlemen progresses

The old fashioned ways of Harry Redknapp never really sat right with Daniel Levy. He has always liked managers who did what they were told and concentrated on their football. Though Harry always had something to say to the press and wanted the football club run his way. He also built a stable Tottenham side, though one that never had a plan B. Levy noticed this and that's why he has opted for a young dynamic manager in AVB. Redknapp only ever used 2 formations, 4-4-1-1 to start and if things we're going well 4-4-2, often substituting Aaron Lennon to keep Van Der Vaart happy. Lennon, a key player in the Tottenham side, with his pace and threat down the right which gives teams something else to think about making extra space for Adebayor and Gareth Bale. Lennon's performances have been of a different level to those he had under Redknapp, he works back, reads the game better and really runs at defenders like he did just 19, under Martin Jol. In this new way of playing it will give the attacking players the extra freedom to roam, like players at Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid have using the same system. With those players likely to be Lennon - Dempsey - Bale and Adebayor, the Premier League should watch out. It could take time for these relationships to gel, but let it be known, when the clocks go back and the ball turns yellow, Spurs will be a feared force in the Premier League.

Levy's new signings and AVB's clever guidance could see this Tottenham team move up from strength to strength. Aaron Lennon and Jermain Defoe, key players to the side have just penned new deals. With time for the team to gel and stabilise again after the departure of Harry, who don't forget lost the first two games of last season and the opening home fixture 5-1, could see that Spurs side go one better and take that automatic Champions League spot. It doesn't matter who you are, or what professional European league you're managing in, any manager that, has an unbeaten season, winning a European trophy, the national league title and domestic cups is no mug. Despite his strange 8 year old mufti day attire away to Newcastle, but the suit is back and by this time next year we will be saying how well Andre Villas Boas has done with his young Tottenham side who will thrive under his leadership and his partnership with Mr.Levy will show the world that they are up there as one of the best duos in the world.