Esteban Granero

At the age of 25 the player maker is entering into his peak. Although the Spaniard has been overlooked the majority of his Madrid career he is held with high regard in the game shown by him attracting attention from a host of premier league clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham. The midfielder is best utilised further up the pitch but can also be deployed as a holding midfielder. He will be looking to dictate the attack for the rangers and could be likened to Ben Arfa as both players may lack pace but make up for it with a brilliant football brain. While he was an afterthought at Real he will be the marquee player at rangers which could bring out the best in him.

Julio Cesar

The heavily capped Brazilin has won it all at Inter and will bring a wealth of experience to a relatively young group of players. Hughes will be hoping he can bring with him his winning mentality. As the consistent number one for Inter over the past 7 years he has proved to be a world class keeper who is prone to few errors and renounced for his excellent shot stopping. The charismatic figure has already stated that he wants to part of the transaction process and one day hopes to see QPR win the league! He speaks the way he plays, like a natural born leader. It is for this reason that he may not just be first choice keeper but also captain of the new look QPR.

Dimitar Berbatov

The Lanky strikers age will not affect his game as he has never relied on pace but his vision and unmatched touch.He has an exceptional goal scoring record for both club and country. Many united fans criticised the treatment of the top goal scorer in the 2010-11 season epitomised by him not even being included in the champion’s league final squad in 2011 in favour of an injury prone Michael Owen. In truth his career at the red devils was more of a success than he is given credit for but ultimately the lacks of faith shown to him drove the forward to take a significant wage cut to ply his craft at craven cottage. What he will bring is precision and calmness to the frontline .Whilst he may not track back and help the defence like the modern striker; he will prove to be lethal in front of goal and will provide a threat which could see Fulham once again qualify for the Europa League.

Michael Essien

‘The Bison’ was only a few years ago the key competent who held together the Chelsea midfield. He is the definition of a box to box midfielder who has one of the best engines in the game. Unfortunately injuries have plaqued the last two years of his career which is why Chelsea willingly loaned him to Real. If Jose can keep him fit he will be able to provide steel to a weak Madrid midfield. He has the touch needed to slot into their slick side and will also bring the added bonus of being able to challenge the keeper from long range. Although he may be used as a fringe player he can be relied upon by his former coach whose relationship with the player is strong enough to suggest that he may be used in the big games where a more defensive minded midfielder is needed.

Giovani Dos Santos

Dubbed the next ronaldinho the winger has never lived up to the reputation and hype which has surrounded him wherever he has gone. He has often been slated for his party boy lifestyle which landed him in trouble with Harry Redknapp for spurs when he often attended training late. What cannot be questioned is the undoubtable talent he posses when he shows up. He will be more suited to the less physical Spanish league where he will get more protection from the refs and thus be allowed to dazzle defenders with his dribbles from the flank or behind the striker. His confidence will only grow from winning gold at the Olympics with Mexico scoring 3 goals in the process. If he can carry on his form he can make a real impression at Mallorca which may see him become a hot property in Europe once again.