So the football season is well and truly back, with talk of what the season is going to bring already hot topic of conversation for fans of all clubs, from the Premier League right down to the Evo-stik League and further. Teams all around the country having their expectations evaluated by supporters and journalists, right from the first whistle and with only a handful of games played already two teams in Coventry (Andy Thorn) and Chesterfield (John Sheridan) have decided to make a change in manager.

Why so soon? As both teams have not made what could be classed at dreadful starts in there respected divisions, but when does the start of a season end and turn into the main bulk of the season? After five games played? Or following a couple of months into a campaign? I find it tough to work out. On the opposite side of the coin my two supported teams in Everton and Chester football club are enjoying fantastic starts to the season and if they can both win their next league game, for Everton it will equal their best ever start (after 3 games played) to a Premier League for 19 seasons and for Chester as the reformed club it would be the best start in the new clubs short 3 year history (after 5 games played).

Does this put unnecessary pressure on clubs by discussing such form, in many column inches in the papers and on a continual loop on sports news channels so soon? For Everton they ended up finishing 17th in the 1993/94 campaign. So that good start could be considered vital in keeping their top flight status on that occasion. At Chester there is talk already from some players that they can win the league according to the local press. Is that a dangerous topic? Will it give players more belief that they are capable or if form dips and points are dropped then does it turn to pressure? It must just all be down to individual opinion like my view on this discussion.

Pressure is already building at some of the Premier League teams after booing at Aston Villa versus Everton and Tottenham fans unhappy after a draw with West Bromwich Albion. Even a radio fan phone in programme where one Liverpool fan claiming they will be going down to the Championship, honestly to me as much as I love the game with this sort of talk, it does get ridiculous. Managers need time to get their ideas across and get the squad they feel can compete. At least these teams are competing in the top division and all being well with the stupid money at the top end of the game will not be going bust, which is something I have witnessed with my local team. So stop all the moaning and get behind your team at this early stage of the season.