After 13 years at Arsenal, Henri Lansbury is set for a £1,000,000 move to Nottingham Forest.

I have always been a big fan of his ability and I hear that he is a big fan of the club, which is something that seems to be a lot more valuable, when judging an Arsenal player in recent times, based on our recent disloyal departures.

Since I first heard about his prospective move, I have been left frustrated, but all in all, I completely understand the move for both parties.

If Lansbury was playing at a team of Arsenal's calibre regularly, I feel that he could become one of England's best players in the long term, but sadly this can't be possible, with Arsenal's deep options in midfield already.

Despite the loss of a loyal and talented player, I do feel good in the fact that this move could be crucial for him, as a player and I am very free from doubt that he will be a first team player in the Premier League one day.

I wish him all the best at his new club.