West Ham's proposed move to the olympic stadium will be the wrong one if it goes through and this is why. The Boleyn Ground (often reffered to as Upton Park) is big enough and modern enough for West Ham United at this time and personally, I think David Gold and Sulliven should concentrate on establishing West Ham as a premier league side rather than a yo-yo team.

As an Aston Villa supporter i went to Upton Park last weekend for the first game of the season and before the game found myself thinking, why are West Ham so eager to move? I was thinking this because three of Upton Parks four stands quite impressed me. The Sir Trevor Brooking stand is a two tiered stand behind the north goal which holds 6,000 people and is split between home and away supporters. I had a walk around the away section before kick off and you seemed to have a decent view from most places. The Bobby More stand is behind the goal at the other end of the pitch and holds 9,000 fans. The Alpari stand is the newest and largest stand holding 15,000 fans, the dugout and the dressing rooms. The East stand was the only stand that failed to impress me, as the oldest and smallest stand it only holds 5,000 fans and is the only stand to still have wooden seats in parts. It doesn't really fit in with the other three stands as the Sir Trevor Brooking stand, the Bobby More stand and the Alpari stand are all very close to the pitch and have the same roof lever, whereas the East stands roof is lower and it is further away from the pitch.

In total the capacity of Upton Park is just over 35,000. There attendence against Aston Villa last weekend for there first game back in the premier league was 34,172 with Villa selling out there allocation of 3,000. There average attendence in the championship last season was 30,931. The preveous two seasons in the premier league there average attendence was around 33,000. I think this shows that there is no way they need a 60,000 seater stadium.

As a Villa fan from Birmingham I know a lot of Birmingham City fans so I have a fairly good idea of what David Gold and Sulliven are like as owners. I can only speak from what I hear but most of it is negative. At Birmingham they seemed to be linked with a lot of quality players and the fans were always told the manager had money to spend when it was coming up to the season ticket deadline but come the end of the transfer window two or three average players had been brought in with little spent. My point being that Gold and Sulliven seemed to be taking more money than they were spending at bcfc and there only ambition seemed to be to stay in the premier league while spending as little as possible. When they brought West Ham they were saying things like we've always supported West Ham (despite Sulliven being from Cardiff) and we want to take West Ham to the top. Initially, I thought they really wanted to invest in West Ham and make them into a top six side and players on big wages like Kevin Nolan was supposed to be the first of many but this transfer window has changed my mind and I can now see Nolan was just to try and secure promotion and the extra tv money will pay his wages and the transfers for people like Andy Carrol and Adam Johnson never happened and instead they have players like Jarvis and Diame. Decent players but not in the same league as Carrol and Johnson. Once again Gold and Sulliven just doing the bare minimum to survive. 

This is why if I was a West Ham fan I would be really worried about why Gold and Sulliven want to move to the olympic stadium. Not only is it going to be half empty, the atmosphere will be pretty much dead with the running track having to stay in place and most importantly IT WON'T BE THERE'S. When Gold and Sulliven was at bcfc, they tried to get the council to build a stadium, which bcfc could then rent from them. They did this because they could then of sold St Andrews, probably improved the team a bit use the money to pay the rent of the new stadium but what they wanted most was to keep a big chunk themselves. They are going to do exactly the same thing at West Ham. The only difference being the Birmingham council wouldn't build them a stadium. But because of the olympics there's already one there for them in London. If you owned a house that was big enough for you and didn't really need improving, would you sell it so you could rent a bigger one? No, of course you wouldn't. The only reason any one would, would be if they needed the money right at that time, which West Ham don't as they aren't in any substanchel amounts of debt. At this time West Ham don't have to pay for a stadium because they own Upton Park but if they sell Upton Park and rent the olympic stadium then short term it might give them some extra cash but is it really good for the long term future of the club? Eventually they will have paid in rent to the council what it would of cost them to nock Upton Park down and build there own 60,000 seater stadium without a running track and with claret and blue seats in an area where most of there fans live instead of feeling like your going to an away game every week just to fill the already loaded pockets of two 'life long fans' who are about to jeopardize the long term future of the club because if they really thought the club needed a move to a bigger stadium they would dip into there millions and build them one which they would then own or offer the council an offer they can't refuse to buy the olympic stadium and that would prove to me they had the best intrests of the club at heart.

However, West Ham might move to the olympic stadium, sell out every week, and Gold and Sulliven might put all the money from the sale of Upton Park into building a squad which will be competing for the premier league and champions league. Or there might be 35,000 in a 60,000 seater stadium watching West Ham just try to survive in the premier league from behind a running track with a few more James Collins' added to there squad while Gold and Sulliven are off on a privite jet to view mansions in Dubia.

If you were a millionaire 'life long fan' of West Ham don't you think the better idea would be to re-build the East stand to a similar size and standard of the other 3 stands (which the previeous owners did get planning permision for) bringing the capoacity to over 40,000 which is enough for West ham at this time, while keeping the atmosphere. Most importantly, they should concentrate on improving the team rather than there bank balence.