For passionate football fans the season always seemed to flip past like book pages in the wind.  

Round after round moving so quickly, chapters end and new ones begin.  Fans renew their loyalty and are in full football mode.

From here we greet the team and say “Bentornato Roma”!

Many changes took place throughout this summer but the highlight event was appointing former Roma coach Zdeněk  Zeman. A man who besides being the biggest anti-Juventus is admired all over the globe for his football philosophy.Of course all Romanisti could not ask for a better replacement for Luis Enrique. Zeman who contributed in building the team whoeventually won the scudetto in 2001, and the man who discovered the exploding talent of Francesco Tottiand has participated in Totti’s rapid growth. Zeman who achieved marvelous records at Pescara.Turning it into a side that playedattractive attacking football and has won more games than anyother Serie B side, not to mention finding the net 90 times breaking an ultimate Serie B record.Like Enrique Zeman prefers younger players and by relying on them he helps them pursue to progress and improve their quality.

The club has yet to reach perfection though, After the tragic news of Franco Sensi’s death, his one and only daughter Rosella Sensi took over the presidency and since then the club began to decline financially.The club itself wasn’t enormously in debt but Rossella owed Unicredit bank what is estimated to be 400m€ as you may predict these debts had a great impact on the club financially. Unfortunately Roma was the victim of Sensi and the club continued to pay the price for Sensi’s actions. Players such as Taddei, Borrielo, Juan, Cicinho, Pizarro,  and Simplicio were all mediocre players who received huge salaries. This mercato the management took immediate action promising all Romanisti a radical change.Unlike the previous mercato which was fairly pretentious appointing 11 new players and spending a total of 78m€. This mercato is more about correcting the errors caused by ex Sport director Daniele Prade and reviving the squad once again. Di Benedetto has promised Roma fans to sign an American international and he has surely kept his promise by signing Michael Bradley a good replacement for Gago. Roma’s also major signings this summer were Palermo’s left back Federico Balzaretti and Mattia Destrowho Zeman says is here to replace Borini and thinks is suited to his system of play better than Borini.

Surely a lot of things to get excited about new season, new coach, new signings and new law passed down from the FIGC approving 12 man Substitute instead of 7. I'd expect Roma’s lineups to be the following this Sunday against Catania. 

Sub: Svedkauskas, Lobont, Marquinhos, Romagnoli, Dodo, Taddei, Florenzi, Marquinho, Lucca, Lopez, Bojan, Osvaldo.

What's written on paper cannot define Totti's role in the pitch. He's a classic playmaker who strives to create chances for the attacking line no matter where he is positioned in the pitch. For that particular reason Totti is a“classic” playmaker and unfortunately there aren't many playmakers  today who can deliver what Totti delivers on the pitch.As for Lamela he’s potential superstar and I have no doubts about him exploding under Zeman,Zeman did it before with Totti and will do it again. I prefer Destro over Osvaldo for one reason, he’s very cautious about offside traps and knows when to make a runfor it unlike Osvaldo.Bradley who I was fond of  since the Confederation Cup of 2009 will bring major influence in the midfield,his style of play is simple yet effective. The defence is still a work of progress both Burdisso and Castan both heavily rely on physical strengths and Roma will struggle with building up the play from the back line. Many CB have been linked with Roma these past couple of days  and I think Torosidis will do us justice.