Fans thrown out, Charlton's manager Chris Powell sent to the stands and a missed penalty!

Well what an result for Leyton orient against London rivals Charlton athletic , winning 4-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw AET , However the game wasn't always set for an Orient victory.

The game started with a good pace from leyton orient , although we looked shakey at the back sometimes , Ryan Allsop kept us in the game and terrific defensive performances by Nathan Clarke and Scott Cuthbert helped aswell. Orient had some early chances to take the lead , but Mooney wasted a gift of a shot , he tried to chip the keeper , in fairness he did do it , but also the crossbar and half of the north stand aswell. 

Charlton's goal came on the counter attack as they cleared a Nathan Clarke long throw from their own area. Charlton broke down the right handside via Jordan Cook. Cook found Scott wagstaff on the right hand side/ My left . Wagstaff shot and an attempted sliding clearance by Gary sawyer ( If memory serves me correct) carried the ball past Ryan Allsop. So the score stood at Charlton 1 - Leyton orient 0 on the 29th minute.

Danny Green came close just moments after the goal , but it was leyton orient who was to score the next goal , It came in the 45+1 minute when Gary saywer whipped in a cross from my right hand side and Baudry , who was unmarked , pounced and headed the ball in to the net. 

Half Time Charlton Athletic 1 - Leyton Orient 1.

The E10 boys started the second half of in a lively manner and this constant pressure was rewarded when we was awarded a penalty for a tackle on David Mooney , which I thought was a bit soft. We was all jumping up and expecting a goal. Mooney steps up hits it right footed and ........BANG rattles on the crossbar. Just after this things in the stands got a bit tense and this must of rubbed off on the players as tackles were flying in , here  , there and everywhere. Antony Griffith gave it hard and initally the ref waved on play , But due to melodramatic behavior from the player a free kick was given.This was a bit ironic as they have sings saying 'Man up' plastered all over their stadium. Anyway in the 5 or so minutes around this incident two things happened off the pitch. Two cockey Charlton fans were hummilated infront of their friends as they were kicked out the ground and Chris Powell decided to bottle it , by it i mean the floor and he was sent to watch the remainder of the game from the stands.

The remaining 20 or so minutes were a bit rushy as far as we were concerned , but we did pull off a few chances. It was just a case of getting behind the ball for orient and that proved well as the full time whistle was blown.

Full Time Charlton Athletic 1 - Leyton Orient 1

Extra time was a tense affair from the stands and that may be why I find this bit a tad blurry. I Believe we made a goal line clearance in the second half of extra time. During the First Charlton Athletic fans and the majority of Orient fans thought Charlton had won it as a header was hit in the side netting and Jimmy smith had an identical chance when he did the same , but put a tad wide. It was 117 minutes and still the game was not decide , as the sound of 'STAND UP FOR THE ORIENT' rang across the Valley it was becoming more and more likely that the dreaded penalty shootout would return. This was the case and luckly for us Mooney had been replaced , by symes during the second half. Charlton won the coin toss and the penalties were to be taken infront of the home fans.

The first spot kick was taken by Johnnie Jackon and was saved by Allsop. Leyton orients first was taken by Symes and he barried it. 1-0 orient , Charlton's second hit the cross bar and Orient took advantage when Sawyer made it 2-0 to the o's. Charlton converted a few as did we and Ben Chorley missed , It Came down to the last pen and Ryan Brunt sent us into the second round where we will face Everton away.

Good win lads and Up the o's