I feel that the master plan that Rodgers had planned out for Liverpool in his 180 page application is starting to unfold...

I feel that the master plan that Rodgers had planned out for Liverpool in his 180 page application is starting to unfold. So far, the transfer window has been somewhat frustrating with only one signed, a few moved out and a lot linked away, it was looking like this new era at Anfield may not be that pretty to watch. But after seeing the 3-0 defeat of Gomel, this performance laid down the marker for the rest of the campaign in the Europe and in the Premier League. The first home game for Brendan Rodgers was always going to be special and everyone seemed to be gelling as a team more effectively. With all our players showing a lot of good movements off the ball and pressing without the ball and the passing game was also taking shape as with the formations.

One moment in particular got the hairs on my back raised was when Fabio Borini buried the first time volley and setoff on his unique celebration. This brought back memories of Suarez and Torres also scoring on their Anfield debuts. Hopefully for Fabio he keeps improving and only gets better in time with the mentoring of Rodgers and players like Gerrard and Suarez.  Speaking of Suarez, he was exceptional as always, showing that he is in peak form come this new season, and after signing his new contract is looking to build his future at Liverpool. Only worry for Suarez would have to be that he couldn’t find the net, as was last season profligate. But the good thing now is hopefully Borini and Gerrard can smash home the goals while Suarez is buzzing around him, like today. 

Another great moment in the game would have to be the sight of Agger in the starting line-up. The defence with him in there is a lot more stable, reliable and attacking, this was clear to see today. Hopefully the heavy speculations about his future come to an end now, especially after this game as Rodgers has now said that he (Agger) is going to be a pivotal player for him. Not to mention the passion that Agger has for the club, as shown by his recent tattoo of YNWA and he will also know that he is very much a fan favourite among the kop, as the kop were signing his name throughout. SO I think we(Liverpool fans) can be a lot less stressed out about this affair, as it looks like Agger is intent on staying for the rest of his career.

I’m very pleased at the way he’s managing the future stars for Liverpool, I’m talking mainly about Henderson and Shelvey. We have not seen too much of Hendo recently, but I’m he and Rodgers are working hard to get better, as Rodgers has told us he can make Jordan into a very good player. In the case of Shelvey he played in both matches and produced great displays in midfield. In my opinion, I had always thought Shelvey was a good player and I wondered why he didn’t get many opportunities last season like Henderson did. I always rated Jonjo to be a bit better than Hendo, but I’m now happy with how Rodgers is using these two. I can’t wait for these two to feature regularly.

Another sign that tells us that Rodgers’ plan is falling into place nicely is the sight of seeing Joe Allen in the directors’ box and awaiting a medical in the morning. Rodgers stating the transfer is imminent now, so we can expect this signing very soon. And now he has signed for Liverpool.

Also the return of Lucas adds more quality to this team, as he is a valuable asset. The fact that this was his first start since his comeback is another sign that things at Anfield are falling into place, to shape this new era under Rodgers.

The future does look a lot brighter now that missing pieces are falling into place to help build this team back to where it belongs.

How does the Anfield future look for you guys? Do you think Rodgers will help bring the good times (especially in the league) back?