Carlos Vela has officially been transfered to Real Sociedad in Spain and many hardcore Arsenal fans might be celebrating. I believe that Vela could have given something more to the club. I'm not saying these because we come from the same country. In fact I can be consider one of the hardest critics to Vela's career and the way he has handled it.

                                                                        Young Carlos at Chivas.

He started out in Chivas, yes the same club where Javier Hernandez made it. He was there in the lower divisions where he was called to the Mexican U-17 team that eventually won the 2005 world cup in Peru. He was viewed by Arsenal and that was the start of his back and foward trips from Spain to England. He wasn't allowed to play at the Premier League because of his age so he was sent to Spain.

He came back to Arsenal as a promise, never as a reality. And he has stayed that way ever since he left Mexico. He kept coming back for the Mexican sellection but nothing much happened anyway. He made other kinds of headlines such as partying too much or being distracted bay many women.

Of course not everything was distractions. He did very good things too. He scored some important goals but notting out of this world. But all the past scandals have vanished his achivements.

What damaged little Carlos and turned him into Bad Carlos? I believed that he saw himself as a big and over the top player when he, in fact, needed too much to learn. He wasn't humble enough to recognice where he came from and he denied his Chivas background. And even worse to recognice that he had trouble adaptating and he wasn't ready to leave Mexico.

So in the end Arsenal was too much for Vela. He had to settle with and Spanish club about to go down to another division of La Liga. Let's face it, he has some skills but not as incredible as others. Arsenal has generated players that can do more than Carlos and they didn't cost that much.

What could have Carlos Vela offered to Arsenal? Nothing that any other player could do. He is not that special.