Money. Money. Money. Don’t we hear that word a lot now-a-days in football. In fact, that’s pretty much all we hear about.

United’s transfer policy 1878 - Present

Money. Money. Money. Don’t we hear that word a lot now-a-days in football. In fact, that’s pretty much all we hear about. Money is amplified from June to August and January 1st to 31st each and every year. Who will buy who and for how much. Who spent the most. Who spent the least. How much will City and Chelsea spend this year? United aren’t exempt from this. Ferdinand, Rooney, Veron and Berbatov have all been expensive signings. However, United didn’t and have never gone on a transfer spree the likes of Real Madrid, City and Chelsea have gone on.

United’s success in the transfer market and in recruitment comes from a superb transfer policy and shrewd management from Sir Alex, the board and David Gill. United have a set policy that means they know the type of player they want and who fits the United ethos. United’s success comes from an unwavering desire to find players that know they are coming to the greatest football club in the world and they don’t budge from that. If you’re too big for your own good you’ll be told or shipped on. United fans have got used to that notion throughout the years many players have come and gone. It is the way the club runs its self and it is a policy that clearly works.

United have been linked with many players over the transfer window. A vast majority of those players are on wage packets of 150,000 a week, in excess of 27 years of age, scream “pretty boy” and aren’t what a Manchester United player looks like. Unfortunately, Eden Hazard fits all of those descriptives with the exception of age. United rarely buy players that are over 27 years of age and rarely sign a player and start him on over 100,000 a week. A salary like that is earned at United, not given.

United might have the largest fan base in the world, are one of the richest clubs in the world and are arguably the biggest, but they do not command financial pulling power in the transfer window that the likes of City, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid do. Unfortunately for United fans, the realisation that the club is not going to bring players to the club purely on wage packets, appearance fees and general financial gains needs to be understood.

Fans of United need to realise that players come to the club come in love of United or to get the chance to play for Manchester United. Even if United had all the money on God’s earth surely you’d want that reason and that reason alone? United are always going to lose the races to sign the Hazard’s and Sneijder’s in this world. United can’t afford them, get over that fact and move on.

Money can’t buy love. United’s transfer policy brings players into the club who are young and most of the time cheap in comparison to what their rivals are doing. I know United sign players for 15-20 million but when that is compared to what their rivals are doing it is pennies.

Over the years United have set the bench mark for buying players and developing players. Powell is an example of that in this transfer market alone. I don’t see Chelsea and City doing the same. It was a well known fact that Abramovich was sick of spending money on players and wanted youth development. Clearly that’s not happened and they’re back to splashing the cash. City are copying the Barcelona and United model and are building a youth policy and training facility. United and Barcelona have just been doing it better and for many more years.

I dare you to find a player at United that is there to play for the money and money alone. Robinho, Nasri and Tevez come to mind instantly for the noisy neighbours. Nasri turned down United and Tevez gave United and Ferguson the two fingered salute. Mercenaries and United don’t want them.

Money can’t buy the attitudes of Roy Keane and the United greats like Sir Bobby Charlton, Giggs, Scholes and Law. United’s transfer policy is to find those players and make them legends. Money can’t buy legends, they’re born, not paid.