With the new season beginning this Saturday, now the country can finally move on.

So now that Rangers have justifiably been placed in the fourth tier, you would expect now for the predictions from Stewart Regan, Neil Doncaster, any worker at the Daily Record, Chick Young and any other close minded old firm apologist to see Scottish football to begin to die on its arse now? Is it though? Really? I don't see any of the four horsemen in distance? So maybe, just maybe we can warm to the fact that the people that I have just mentioned have been talking a f***load of pish.

So let's just get the basics out of the way shall we? Rangers claim that we punished harshly by Scottish football this summer so let's look at the facts of this. Here the facts nicely summed up by a poster on Jambos kickback by a poster by the name of the Gasman (I can't take the credit for this).

Rangers have received hardly any punishment to date; most of the mess that they are in is a direct consequence of their own actions / inactions. Despite what McCoist and others keep bleating about, they've had next to no punishment imposed by anyone, so far.

Banned from Champions League
No they're not banned, they failed to qualify as they never submitted their accounts as per the rules.

Docked ten points
Any club entering Administration during the football season faces a automatic ten point deduction - and it did not alter their final league position.

Rangers were relegated from the SPL
Rangers were not relegated, they are in Administration, could not agree a CVA, and are facing Liquidation. Rangers will be wound up and cease to exist, so cannot play in any league.

Sevco were relegated from the SPL
Sevco were not relegated, they were not, and have never been, a member of the SPL. As a brand new company, they were refused permission to start off at the top tier of Scottish football.

Sevco have been relegated to the 3rd Div
Sevco are a brand new company, they have never been a member of any league, and have not been relegated by any league. They are starting in the 3rd Division, as all new Senior Clubs are expected to do.

Banned from Europe for three years
No, they're not banned, any club wishing a European Licence must provide three years audited accounts. Sevco are unable to meet that requirement, so can not qualify until they do have three years accounts.

Fined £160k
Actually yes, this is a punishment. It was imposed by an independent tribunal, for bringing the game into disrepute over non-payment of approximately £13,000,000 of Tax and NI, potentially a criminal offence.
To put this "punishment" into perspective, this fine is less than Hearts have been fined for Romanov complaining about corruption, and anyway, Rangers / Sevco haven't yet paid it!

Rangers have been punished for EBT's
No they haven't, the football authorities are not even investigating this. They were sent a "bill" by HMRC which they appealed. This appeal has been heard by the FTT, and both parties are currently awaiting the outcome.

Rangers have been punished for Dual Contracts
No they haven't, the SPL have said that there is a case to answer (irrespective of any decision on legality / illegality of their use of EBT's) on the use of undeclared dual contracts, meaning they would have fielded ineligible players, but to date this has not been actioned.

So far the only punishment Rangers / Sevco have received is the £160k fine - that they haven't actually paid..! Everything else they are claiming is a "punishment" is actually completely self-inflicted, and a direct consequence of their own conscious and deliberate inactions, or actions

So it's clear, the team at fault for this were Rangers football club themselves. Now I want to make this clear, in my last article I did get carried away with my abuse towards the club, but it was by no means directed at the fans(well some of them, but they were talking shite), as they didn't do nothing wrong. It was the people who allowed Rangers to get into this position and nobody else.

So with the sceptics coming out with how Scottish football will be fucked because the TV money without the guarantee of their being no guaranteed Rangers v Celtic matches played 4 times a season in the clause was apparently the by all and end all sweeteners of the deal. Well the original contract was already paying the SPL £13 million a year, and was going to be increased to £16 million. Neil Doncaster made the absolute cunt of himself by saying that without Rangers, the SPL TV rights would only be worth £3 million. Great move Neil will certainly help in re-negotiations if you've already named your price.

Well fortunately Sky/ESPN did not listen to the man with the negotiation haggle skills of Eric Idle from the life of Brian. A 5 year deal was negotiated with the SPL for a £13 million a year contract. £1 million will go to the SFL for starters, which will come from showing Rangers playing in the third tier. With this being distributed between SFL clubs(55% to SFL1, 33% to SFL2, and 12% to SFL3 under current SFL distribution rules), they will get an extra 50% more revenue on top of the compulsory £2 million that the SPL pay the SFL since it broke away from the league over 10 years ago.

The SPL will get the £12 million to show 5o games from the previous £16 million for the 60 negotiated beforehand. Also Dundee will have their SPL membership given to them, which means that they can successfully vote out the 11-1 vote majority that is required to change the distribution of TV money, which will now be split more evenly across the board instead of the 32% that the OF took of us since the league began. This in turn, will mean almost every other club will be no worse off than they were before and potentially better. Celtic will feel the biggest hit; however the TV deal is a very small part of their overall annual turnover. Yes it is worth less than the new one that could have came in, but you can't miss something you've never had. There is also a chance that came renewal BT, who bought the ESPN package of the English premiership rights, will be in a better position to be competitor for getting rights to show SPL games. SKY also are apparently looking to introduce a PAYG deal which means you can pay specifically for matches that you want to screen for one offs.

But what about Rangers contributing to the co-efficient and strengthening our position in getting more places in Europe. Allow me to point to the excellent poster HibeeJibee from Pie and Bovril who posted this: -

Also as usually happens in these circumstances, those claiming my stats are wrong are infact themself wrong. Here's the breakdown:

2008-09 with Rangers... 1.875
2008-09 with Rangers removed... 2.333

2009-10 with Rangers... 2.666 (inc 0.666 for GS entry generated by default)
2009-10 with Rangers removed... 2.8 (inc 0.8 for GS entry generated by default)

2010-11 with Rangers... 3.6 (inc 0.8 for GS entry generated by default)
2010-11 with Rangers removed... 2.5 (inc 1 for GS entry generated by default)

2011-12 with Rangers... 2.75
2011-12 without Rangers... 3.333

If we asked for the contribution generated by Rangers to be removed our co-efficient total for the previous 4 seasons would RISE from 10.891 to 10.966.

And have the new named 'The Rangers' learned their lessons from buying out with their means? Well they've kept hold of a fair few internationals and signed 2 player league level players Ian Black and Dean Shiels on 7k a week respectively. That wage a week is the combined amount for what all the third division players (the league they are playing in) combined for three months!! Time will tell, but it sure as heck doesn't look like it to me.

So in short, the clubs will arguably be no worse off than they were before, the lower league clubs will have an improved cash windfall, and the supporters will be more encouraged to go and pay to watch a more competitive league. Finally as above, Rangers contribution to the coefficient. Oh wait, what co-efficient?

So Armageddon you say?... Where?