Whereas our club captain continues to be a c**t, it is not the same as last year. This year we have already signed international strikers.

What do Kolo Toure, Gael Clichy, Samir Nasri and Robin Van Persie have in common?

Yes they have all played for Arsenal, but you will notice that Whereas Van Persie and Nasri are cunts, Toure and Clichy are not. Van Persie is a cunt in words and in deed or lack thereof while Nasri is a cunt indeed.

                                                                Sorry, But Once A C**t, Never A Gunner!

Clichy and Toure left the club amicably, albeit for more money. They did not make acidic statements to make their position at the club untenable. You know, the more I reflect on what Robin Van Persie did, the more I realise that it was a cold, calculated, selfish statement to force his way out of Arsenal. It was totally uncalled for. Just because Arsenal cannot put as much ambition in your bank account like some other clubs can  doesn't mean we lack ambition. C**t! I really thought he was different and a true Arsenal Fan. Ahh well... ONCE A C**T, NEVER A GUNNER!

The football has started once again. Yesterday Arsenal played Malaysia XI and won 2-1 (hooray!!). But honestly one cannot read anything into that game as it is only a fitness exercise. Most of these players have been away on holiday, eating pie, drinking rum, having lots of sex with female fans, their girlfriends, their team-mates' girlfriends and lastly their wives.

And whereas  our club captain continues to be a c**t, it is not the same as last year. This year we have already signed two International Strikers for the one who is being a c**t. So it is not the same.

Rumours are gathering pace that we are about to sign Spanish Winger Santi Carzola from Malagawho are in serious financial sewage. Their sugar daddy, a certain Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani seems to have reached the bottom of his bottomless well. I don't know much about Carzola, except for the brief highlights I have seen of him on La Liga reviews or while playing for Spain, but if we signed him, I think it would be a very good signing indeed. 

Arsene Wenger insists that our Midfield is sufficient, what with Diaby and Wilshere to return. But after seeing  Diaby fail to remain fit year after year, and Wilshere missing the whole of last season, I wouldn't bet on the two of them to be ever-present this term. Or maybe Diaby will have a stellar season, make 50 appearances for the club in all competitions, score 20 goals and then demand an exit from Arsenal on the grounds that the club lacks ambition...

I really think that we need to make a signing in midfield. Particularly a creative midfielder because Rosicky, is past his best and injury prone. Aaron Ramsey is more of a workhorse than a creative player. Arteta is a continuity player, much like that brilliant little Catalan cunt, Xavi of Barcelona. Santi Carzola, a player who is good on both wings and in the centre would be a very welcome and much needed addition.

I really want to see Abou Diaby make it at Arsenal because when he is fit, he is just immense. But honestly, he is always a minute away from a long-term injury everytime he plays. But wait, there is hope. Did not a certain Robin Van C**tsie Persie come through his injury problems, have 1 stellar season and then demand that he wanted out because Arsenal are not putting enough ambition in his bank account?

In other good news, Laurent Koscielny has signed a new long-term contract with the club. Now that wasn't so hard Mr. Theo Walcott surely was it?

Come on you gooners!!