Why do we love European leagues? I bet that is a question that you all have been wondering for a long time. I probabbly can answer that because I believe that what we need to answer that is and outsider's point of view. My first aproach to European football was at the time when Manchester United was, without a doubt the best team in the world. A time when Beckham/Giggs/Scholes was a single name and along side Gary Neville having their backthey they generated an incredible amount of play that would amaze even a mexican little kid who knew at that time what real football was.

I also got the chance to watch another great team at the top of its game. I'm talking about the "galacticos" time in Real Madrid. The time when Luis "Figo", Ronado, Zidane and Beckham started to play at a level not known before and along side the already famous players Raul, Owen, Robinho, Roberto Carlos and Iker Casillas they presented a surreal team to the world. This team, these players and their way of playing but above all the way that they all made it work in the field it was a treat to the eyes of all football lovers.

These teams showed us the real definition of football but when we talk about European leagues we can left behind Guardiola's Barcelona. For me the real deal when it comes to real football are these players who happen to be the best at what they do. They functioned alone and as a group like no other team ever before seen. They came to revolutionize football. They took everything that has ever been done before and improved it to a level that would be hard to reach. I believe that 2009 was their best year not only because Barcelona won everything that year but because the team showed an incredibly beautiful way of playing and not only was an spectacle but was also effective.

Do I really need to write more? We love European leagues so much because their teams show us the best of the best when it comes to football. We are able to be amazed by every single play and we enjoy every bit of it. We even love the outside drama and the inside stories. We feel bad when there are no games and we love it when we know that there will be games on the weekends and the week days. We fall in love with the Champions League and the inside cups. We enjoy European leagues because we can't live without them.