Since the Transfer Window has been open and Brendan Rogers has been in charge the bubbling rumours that Carroll is not wanted at Liverpool have been non stop. Over the last week these rumours have really picked up with a number of clubs, including AC Milan, supposedly wanting him on loan or as a full transfer. Whether this is the usual rubbish by media or official contact at the moment is unknown but I am of the belief Andy should stay, and I believe the fans sticking behind him can be a massive factor in his success this season.

Carroll's goal scoring record of 11 goals from 56 appearances in a Liverpool shirt is nothing to be proud of whatever way you look at it, even more so as it is highlighted into immediate attention down to his £35 million price tag. Every Liverpool fan can remember one game from the big man were you have looked at him and thought 'what a waste' but I assure you this is changing. His performances at the end of the season which included a winner in one of the most exciting games in the premiership of recent years against Blackburn and another winner against Everton in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley (both with his head) show everyone exactly what he was about and it is my opinion that these two performances single handedly win his place in the England Euro squad. Jamie Carragher said himself that the winner against Everton was 'worth £35 million in itself' which is a strong opinion and maybe not one that all fans share, but it shows the confidence the rest of the team have in him to improve and succeed.

So if you are being optimistic like my self and believe he can still be a success at Anfield, the next question is whether he will fit into Brendan Rogers' plans? The reason Rogers has been brought to the club is that his extremely drilled Swansea team were the main surprise to the premiership last season and despite having no 'stand out names' finished in a respectable mid table position, whilst playing extremely attractive football. It is the idea of attractive football that many believe works against Carroll as they believe Rogers will play the Liverpool, not the direct format Carroll is used to. I believe this is rubbish.

At Swansea Rogers played a formation that created a 5 man midfield when defending and a 3 man attack when on the offence with the midfield 3 being the players that made their attractive passing so poignant last season. Danny Graham was there to come deep when needed to and hold the ball up for the midfield and get on the end of crosses from the skill full wingers Swansea had. Something very similar to the classic centre forward and what the likes of Alan Shearer and Ian Rush were experts of, it also happens to be the two traits that Carroll does best, so why can't it work?

We all know that when it comes to the passing game Carroll will not be involved with a lot of it but if the rest of the team can keep hold of the ball and give quality service he can concentrate on what he knows he is best at, putting the ball in the back of the net. Michael Owen is one of the greatest finishers Liverpool have ever had, and an extremely different striker than Andy Carroll, but at the same time how much did he get involved with the build up play unless it was a one two with him surging into the box. This is what I hope Carroll will give us next season the much needed directness every quality side needs to finish off quality moves so I propose he is given till January. I beg Rogers does not loan Carroll out because if he was to do well and Liverpool were to suffer, he will be under pressure from the start which is something the club does not need at the moment. If Carroll fails us until January or does not fit into Rogers' tactics then is the time to look for a loan opportunity or a time to sell. But for now, he needs to show the manager what he can do, and repay the fans new found faith.