Football can be classed as business and not a sport. As money is a huge part of football, clubs are going into administration because of this, for example Portsmouth and Rangers.

Big bucks business men have come over from the States and other countries to England and have taken over clubs such as Liverpool. Players are leaving to countries like China and Russia because they offer them millions of pounds a year to play for them, if a lot of money is involved a player will bite your hand off at the chance of that amount. A lot of football fans will say that it is not a sport anymore because it is more money than it is actually the football. With players leaving clubs for money, fans get angry because of their lack of loyalty towards them but players such as Steven Gerrard and Ryan Giggs who have never left for money and have stayed at their club for a long time are loved in football because of their loyalty.

You either or an intrinsic footballer or an extrinsic footballer. You either play for the name on the front or you play for the one on the back. An intrinsic football will fight for their club and will want to win trophies but an extrinsic is in it for the money and the flash cars. That type of player wants it all.

Everywhere in football there are players moving for massive amounts of money. Ronaldo moved for £80million, a record. This was a good transfer because of his quality of play. Clubs also tend to by players for the wrong price and tend to waste money on players who are arguably not worth it. Liverpool is a prime example of this. They bought players like Carroll and Downing for a lot of money. Carroll signed for a transfer price of £35million and Downing signing for £20million, neither players making a huge impact on the season with Downing getting no goals or assists and Carroll scoring only nine goals in all competitions. This shows that clubs are wasting money on transfers and that means more money is being used.

Football is still a sport because of what they do in training and on the pitch but money tends to out muscle that.