When will Arsenal learn? With another season looming and another star player set to leave, it’s the same old story at Arsenal. PFA player of the year Robin Van Persie has declared he will not be signing a new contract paving his exit from the emirates stadium. Once again a key player is leaving to fulfil ambitions that Arsenal won’t match.

On Wednesday Van Persie revealed that he, Arsene Wenger and chief executive Gazidis disagreed on the way the club should move forward. This has lead Van Persie to decide he will not be signing a new deal with Arsenal. This has angered the second biggest shareholder Alisher Usmanov. In a strong worded letter to the board, he accused them of a lack of investment. Believing that as a top club Arsenal should be able to compete with other clubs to keep their very best players.

Arsenal hasn’t won a trophy since 2005. In that time they have seen key players leave on a regular basis. In the past people have accused the leaving players as being greedy. It is in fact Arsenal that is being greedy. Season after season they have kept the money rather than matching the ambitions of their stars. Since 2005, Arsenal have seen Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, Ashley Cole, Alexander Helb, Emmanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Cael Clichy, Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas all leave. Of that list of former Arsenal stars, only Emmanuel Adebayor hasn’t won major silverware at the club they have left Arsenal for. Many of the players have been criticised for leaving for financial reason. The players left because they wanted to win trophies, they have all succeed, Arsenal hasn’t.

It’s time for Arsenal to change their transfer policy. No longer can Arsenal continue allowing them selves to just be a selling club. Every time Arsene Wenger begins to build a good side, they sell their best player. It is not as though Arsenal need to sell players to balance the books like other clubs may. At the end of last year, Arsenal recorded pre tax profits of £49.5 million. Arsenal is brilliant run financially but surely star players ambitions need to be matched?

Arsene Wenger must have known there was a big possibility of losing Robin Van Persie. This year, unlike last, he has prepared for it and already snapped up German star Lucas Polodski and French Ligue 1 top scorer Oliver Giroud. Both players are joining after scoring a good amount of goals. The only problem for Arsenal is the Premier League will be a big step up. Wenger would of been hoping they could be adding to the 30 goals in 38 premier league games Van Persie managed, instead they will need to replace these goals. Can the two new signings hit the ground running or will they need time to settle in?

With Van Persie making it clear that Arsenal isn’t the club he wants to be at then the logical option is to sell to the highest bidder. Arsenal would obviously prefer to sell Van Persie abroadbut the likeliest highest bidder will be Man City. Premier league champions, Man City have already matched the wages and ambitions of 4 former Arsenal stars. Van Persie could be next to follow.

Wenger may have hoped, even expected a little more from Van Persie. After all, Wenger stuck by him throughout so many injury-trouble early years and went on to make him club captain. By Publicly declaring he isn’t signing a new contract, Van Persie has cost Arsenal a fair few million pounds. Clubs know they can get him for nothing in a year’s time so aren’t going to pay a fortune for a man who turns 29 in August.

The dilemma for Arsenal and manager Arsene Wenger is whether they can keep a player who has so publicly declared his intention to leave. Will the fans even accept him back? The only real option Wenger has is to once again sell his star prize. This time Arsenal must show more ambition to avoid the same problem next season. The time has come for Arsenal to strengthen. Sell Van Persie and replace with a player who will come in and straight away add quality to the Arsenal squad. Not a player with a bright future. Arsenal needs a player who is already world class. Fail to do this and we will be talking of the same problem with a different player in just 12 months time.

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