Was it right or wrong that David Beckham wasn’t included in the team GB squad? Either way Stuart Pearce showed a real lack of respect towards Beckham. One final farewell was what the country and David Beckham both deserved.

Stuart Pearce cut the 35 man provisional squad down to the final 18. After being included in the provisional squad, Beckham said in May that he had a “good chance” of making the squad. With only three over 23 year olds allowed in the squad, Pearce opted for Giggs, Bellamy and Micah Richards. The Olympic dream was over for Beckham.

David Beckham made no effort in hiding his desire to be involved with the Team GB squad. All along Beckham has stated it would be massive for him to be part of the Olympics. Pearce was wrong to string him along by including him in the 35 man squad. When the public went to buy tickets for Team GB games they expected to being watching Beckham for one last time.

During the bid process of winning the Olympics, David Beckham played a big role. Would have London even won the Olympics without the face of Beckham? The most famous footballer in the world has been a wonderful ambassador for British football. The world following of English football started with the obsession of David Beckham. Just the fact that Beckham was involved in the Olympic bid, made the world interested in London’s bid.

Should Beckham have been picked purely on what he had done in the past? Many people will correctly argue that Pearce has selected the squad that he believes has the best chance of winning a medal. At 37 years old and now playing in the MLS, Beckham isn’t the world class player he used to be. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have strengthened the squad.

The Olympic squad must including 15 players born after January 1st 1989. These players will have grown up with David Beckham being their hero. What an opportunity to allow younger players to learn from a true great. Jack Rodwell has already stated he would have liked Beckham in the squad. There won’t be one player in there that wouldn’t have liked the opportunity to play alongside the former England Captain.

If Stuart Pearce had selected Beckham, it would have been fitting end to a rollercoaster International career. Whether Beckham should have been included on ability is irrelevant. Nothing has changed in his ability since the original 35 man squad was announced. If Pearce was selecting purely on the best team available, he should have had more respect for Beckham and not strung him along by including him in the 35 man squad in the first place. Stuart Pearce must guide his Team GB to a medal or not picking Beckham will look a foolish selection. No one man is bigger than a country, but after all the good work Beckham has done for the country, he deserved his final farewell.