It’s hard to swallow the truth that yet again England has failed to qualify beyond the quarter final stages of a major international tournament. Every England fan would be gutted for the bad luck their side is facing from more than two decades. Is it because of the old guards who are leading the team? Or is it because of the bad and old tactics?

After this loss many have suggested that the old guard (30 odd) should be replaced by some young blood. It is a fact that every England fan or supporter should accept that England has been out played, out passed and finally it’s OUT of the tournament. Once again penalties have come to haunt them. Even though it has remained undefeated, no one will look into the brighter side of the game where they have really flourished under the captaincy of the talismanic Steven Gerrard. You can’t question the amount of effort he has put in this tournament he has given his all. He certainly deserves to be in a better team. Not just by Gerrard but if you look at John Terry’s performance he was exceptional in the back, he certainly showed what a do or die defender he is. He was like a rock in the heart of England’s defense. Ashley Cole is one of the best left backs in the country and one of the best in the world no doubt. Apart from his penalty miss he was also good with his performance.

 Would it be right to replace these players by youngsters who lack experience at international level? England will have to take gamble just as the Germans have done it two years back and they have been successful in doing so. It may be a tough call for England may be an unfair one.

Most of the English players play in the EPL which is the most sought after league in the world. We can’t say England doesn’t have good players if you look at the line-up and the amount of talent, it is one of the best in the world but the fact is its jus on the paper.

England is nowhere near to compete at the highest level with the likes of Spain, Germany or Portugal. The hard fact is that England needs to find a new way forward, the Holy Grail. Holding the game deep into their own half and putting their body and soul in every attacking move of their opposition is not enough. The world has moved on and England is still there stuck in the older generation.

Another thing which would be interesting to see what Hodgson will do with the current squad. Is this the end of the golden generation, the likes of Lampard who is 34 now, Gerrard who has just turned 32 last month. John Terry, Ashley Cole, Gareth Barry and Scott Parker all are 31 now. They are not getting any younger. Time is running away from them. These are all big names we all had great expectations but they have not delivered apart from heartbreak. Is this the time to give them the boot and say Thank You and Good Bye?

Have the old lads lost the charm it’s now Hodgson’s call to make…

New boss Roy Hodgson surely knows as much and, hopefully, he will act decisively. To be fair he can’t be blamed for England’s latest exit. This is what England have been doing for years and poor Hodgson dint had much time to try different tactics, he has been appointed just a month back, it would be unfair to have high expectations from him in a very short time. Now he will have to build a squad which will go to the 2014 World cup. He has 2 years of time now to prepare his squad for the World championships. To be realistic it will be too early to think about the World Cups. But England will kick off their World cup qualifier on 7th September 2012 against Moldova. Hodgson has the opportunity and every time in the world to change the flavor of English football. Hope so he does it or else he will join the list of all the managers who have fell on their knees trying to get things right for the Three Lions. Only time will tell…