Once in a lifetime opportunity... Revolution is coming in Scotland.

Now let me just save you the time now. If you’re expecting a non-biased article with sympathetic views towards the abortion of a team that is Rangers FC, then you’d be as well as stopping now. The Daily Record is what you want for OF (Old Firm) apologist rabble. I won’t bore you with all the details but I will highlight the biggest ‘Fuck you gestures’ that have been given to Scottish football as a whole.

Now as most people will know, Rangers FC have been one half of the successful duo that has dominated Scottish football for the last 3 decades. What you won’t all know is that this is a club that has cheated its way to getting and maintaining these successes. Such offences include: 

  • Double contracts between players that Rangers have illegally bought.
  • Spend ridiculously out with their means accumulating a debt that is estimated to be somewhere between £70-90 million.
  • Since going into Admin, continuously stringing along the situation only to eventually offer a piss poor CVA of 5%, that it was emphatically rejected by their creditors.
  • Setup a New company by the name of The Rangers FC, transferring their assets (Stadium that holds 50k, Training Facilities, and Squad) all for the suspect price of £4.5 million pounds. Basically, just over a half of what Man United paid for Bebé.
  • Are expecting(not hoping) to be voted back into the SPL as a Newco, bypassing the three leagues below that they should be forced to play through with the square route of fuck all punishment.
  • Made a bid to buy Bury FC and move the franchise up to Glasgow so that they could play in England at Bury’s expense.

Now this is just off the top of my head, and only what they have done over the summer (with a minor exception to the first point). Now most journalists up in Scotland will have you believing that Scottish football would die without Rangers. Personally, I and most of the country are inclined to not only disagree, but foresee it as a reason to why Scottish football is so lowly regarded. No club is bigger than the rest of the country (although Rangers media will tell you otherwise). The fact that one team dying sums up the fact that being in a league so dependant on them shows that a league where one team dictates what happens to it isn’t a football league, its duopoly along with Celtic. Why should two teams be bigger than the rest of a league? Does it not striker you as pathetic that should one team fail, everyone else must suffer for their sins? Should they f***!

TV money!! We’d lose TV money!!! Chic Young, Tim Traynor, Hugh Keevins and the rest of the Apologist media squeal, almost transparently like fat pigs being chased out of the sty that have gorged themselves on getting the attention of fellow knuckle draggers who gorged on this propaganda that is dependant on keeping their failure for careers going. Have Sky pledged to pull out of the deal with the SPL should Rangers be rightfully cast out of the SPL? Have they f***! Their sucking up to Rangers has been pitiful, and I am putting this lightly. If I was to sum them up perfectly, this article would become far obscene in the words that I would be using to describe these useless excuses for journalists.

Yes, TV money is a big part of income towards the rest of the clubs turnovers. Even then, Rangers and Celtic take 32% of this money for themselves while the rest of the Scottish football fends off with the scraps left over. There is no sign of this changing as long as they’re part of this setup thinks to the 11-1 majority it would take to change this to a more fairer and even payout of this cash.

But you know what? It isn’t the biggest part of income for the clubs. It is the income of the gate receipts that come from, you guessed it, the supporters of their beloved clubs. Now, from every supporter survey from each club regarding their stance, 90+% seems to be the opinion that Rangers Newco should not be allowed back into the SPL. So you expect the clubs to give their paying customers what they want right? Not quite. Unfortunately, most chairmen of these clubs are very short term with their thinking. Yes they all cut their cloth now from past mistakes, but without the alleged cash from the TV deal they believe is the only game changer. Supports from clubs like Dundee United have only renewed 1,600 season tickets this season, down from the 4,200 figure it was at last year. A lot of clubs will not be far off this bracket. Why? Because a club that is allowed to cheat, lie, and fuck over these fans at their expense wouldn’t in any chance in hell pay money to watch football with a club that was allowed to get away with this, and quite rightly as well, and I applaud these fans for doing so.

Then there is the argument that they should even be allowed into Scottish football at all, as any new entrants must have 3 years worth of their books to be presented to even have a chance of getting in. Most SFL clubs at the bottom are licking their lips at this prospect. These are clubs that only bring in attendances of 300-1000 fans a week in the bottom 2 tiers. Imagine the gate money for a couple of thousand fans coming to their stadium twice a year, plus all the sponsorship and coverage that would come around. What SFL chairman wouldn’t overlook that?

So for once, Scottish football has the opportunity of a lifetime to change the game for the better for the long term. Imagine how many more fans would come through the gates if there was a more level playing field, a more fairly distributed income towards TV money that yes, would start off on less income, but would most definitely increase with a year, two or more. Although I’m not intending to forget, nor forgive I could just about live with a Newco in the third division, although I’d happily see them be let die for the corrupt, strangle that they’ve placed upon this country for too long. They can fuck off down south as well for all I care, as they’ve harped on about it for long enough, not daring to hide their jealousy of how much TV money the EPL makes, but not at a clubs expense like Bury, and hopefully they tell them where to stick it as well. I don’t buy into this scaremongering crap that the tabloids up here have shoved down our throats.

Don’t get me wrong, I do loathe Rangers, but if they are to come back I want them to do it on a level playing field. No league should be dependant on TV money, and fans are fed up with being dictated into what clubs should be playing in the league because so, never mind the amount of ludicrous times games have been played outside the conventional 3pm slot on a Saturday afternoon.

The 4th of July is the day of destiny, and 5 votes from the Chairmen of the 12 clubs are required. Some have kept the cards close to them are required to see them out of the SPL, and then we can finally look to making Scotland possess the league that is capable of what it being. A level playing field. It might get worse before it gets better, but it’s a start.

Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov was the first club to say they will definitely be voting no. Dundee United, Hibs, Aberdeen and St Johnstone have followed. Inverness and Motherwell have put it to the fans to decide, which will all but kill their chances of getting into the top tier off. Raith Rovers have been the first club in the SFL to say no to them only dropping only one tier. The revolution is beginning.

Viva la Revolution!