La Liga BBVA (Spain) is over. And now, the Eurocup is the main focus. However, in the spanish team, the relationship between Real Madrid players and Barcelona players is not as good as spanish people would want. This rivalry has resulted from the matches between these teams this year. In the Spanish team, they are friends and play together for win. But in these last few weeks, there have been statements that imply that this friendship may just be a facade.

José Mourinho has replied to Xavi Hernández, the Barcelona’s player, for the battle of words started by the spanish midfielder. Xavi had said that “Mourinho will not go down in football history”. He also said in an interview for Canal+ that "I have a feeling that Real Madrid has not been as respectful as we with them". Anyway, it is clear that over the years, both teams talk more than necessary when they lose against their rival.

The portuguese coach answered by saying he has dedicated himself “to play football”. Also, Mourinho thinks he doesn’t need to be pleasant with people to be big. He already is.

For me, Xavi’s words weren’t necessary when he knows he is going to play with the national team and he mustn’t create bad relationships with his team mates. And about Mou, I qualify his words with 10. This time, for me, Mou is correct, because he is already big in football history with all the titles.