19-05-2012: CL Final

Alone I was, very alone.

And the header…Muller scored. That was it! That was the end. I opened the door to my studio apartment, walked to the elevator and pushed the down button. I was going downstairs. Misery, misery, misery…all the misery in the world. The heat of Dubai made it was. Sweat all over my body and a chill down my spine.

But something was there, just a little something. Like a clutch, disengaging my loss in faith. I had to go back up, this isn’t over.

Opening the door was as scary as anything. Heart pumping above normal rate and all, wishing the score on the TV screen has changed. It was still 1-0.

At that moment, disgust was all I felt…I was going back down again, and then Nando won the corner kick. Good play I murmured to myself.

But then, rising up like a tower, leaping with all his might, meeting the ball with his head from the cross was Didier “The Beast” Drogba. No chance Neuer! It went it! 1-1

I ran like a wild beast round my apartment. Like a wild beast! Get-in!!

Penalty! “The Beast” made a mess, a big one.

Up stepped the fragile Dutch against The Cech.

Saved!!! Ball caught between his knees. Then I knew it had to be destiny. Why not? From Naples to Lisbon, to Catalonia…and now in Munich? Messi missing a spot kick, red cards, injuries, fallouts, crossbars banging over Cech’s head…and the team still got to this stage of the competition!? Even that fragile Dutch knew something was up.

Penalties it was and a kick was what decided it.

After some “Ohs!”, “Uhs!” and “Ahhs!” all the time on my knees begging for Roman’s Holy Grail through deliverance and forgiveness of sins from God almighty, up stepped “The Beast” ounce again…

And at that moment flashes of Moscow in my head, I lay quiet. Deathly silent, breathing, heart pumping…I can’t remember most of it again though but the memories are there. So sweet, so magnificent.

…and Didier “The Beast” Drogba put it to the right side of the goalie. It went in, clean as whistle.

That was it…it was done, it was over!


Screams were not enough. I cannot stress enough the ecstasy I felt…I cannot logically describe it. I do not think I will ever feel it again sadly.

But that night…was the night. A night to hail.

All hail!? “Chelsea!!!”