Hail, Hail.

Since my last blog Celtic have been crowned champions of the SPL, they have also lost to Hearts in the semi final of the Scottish Cup.

So it's been a bit of a mixed bag of emotions. Delighted to have won the SPL after 4 years but with the chance of a treble so close the season kind of petered out.

Not much talk about a tainted title now after recent relevations about the team from the other side of the city. It should have been us Celtic fans and fans of all other teams who talk about tainted trophies that they have won over the past 10 years or so. Champions League revenue, Uefa cup final appearance, all now tainted. Probably a case for UEFA to step in and do a few checks.

For those not aware, Rangers (in administration) appear to have been employing Employee Benefit Trusts to top up players wages over a number of years thus meaning they payed no tax on this portion of pay and being able to afford better players over the years. If anyone wants more info, then check  bbc iplayer Scotland and you should find the program. There is a good blog The Rangers Tax Case which will put you up to date about the goings on.

What do I feel should happen to them? Well a parachute to SPL for a newco is a big no for me, most Celtic fans and a lot of fans from other clubs. If they phoenix to a newco, leaving there debt with oldco, then they have added to the cheating that has went on, the integrity of the game in Scotland will be lost and hordes of supporters will lose interest in a league that is shaped up to benefit Rangers newco. The very least if it is a newco, should be they apply for SFL division 3 then work there way back. I think most would see this as a fair price considering they would have got away with paying over £100 million  in debt and cheated for years.

They may however not survive that long to be able to agree what division they are to play in. No doubt we will see some form of a Rangers, be it a fan group, a blue knights group or whoever. We could even see various forms of a new Rangers fighting over who is the direct heir!

The summer months will be intriguing to find out what direction is taken by RFC(IA) and also by the rest of the SPL.

Say no to NEWCO!