The modern day footballer is a new breed of star, and along with some spectacular football, there has been some controversial moments with players, in the papers, on social media sites. and on of course on the pitch. Reid Review takes a quick look at those making the headlines this season,

1: Joey Barton

The QPR footballer, recently banned for 12 games and fined £75'000 is one of this seasons most controversial players. Barton seemingly never out of the headlines has courted controversy at pretty much every club he has been at. His talent as footballer cannot be denied, but this season he has once again been the villain. A needless swing at Aquero whilst playing City almost sparked a mass brawl - and through his love of social media, he has found an outlet to cause more controversy attacking numerous people/footballers.

2: Mario Balotelli

An extraordinary player on his day Mario Balotelli is a bit like Marmite, you love him or you hate him (I quite enjoy to be honest). Right from the off he caused headlines. During pre season, against LA Galaxy, he attempted a rather cheeky spin and back heel - causing crys of arrogance and unfair sportsmanship. Perhaps added to the fact he missed it was the beginning of another interesting season for the youngster. The "Why always me?" incident this season sparked more comments, when a fire work was set off in his bathroom, and caused a fire. He then went on to score against Manchester Utd, and reveals a WHY ALWAYS ME? vest. Other 'highlights' included a stamp on Scott Parker's head, and a gatecrashing of the new Inter Milan Managers press conference.

3: John Terry

The former England skipper has gone on to win The Champions League this year, but has also gone on to win this years most controversial player. Never far from the media eye, John Terry has maybe bitten off more than he can chew. Against QPR it has been alleged that Terry made a racist remark to Anton Ferdinand, He was Stripped of the England captaincy for a second time, and has a court case booked for this July in response to the general uproar over it. 

4: Luis Suarez

Close behind Terry, in another Racial slur debate is Luis Suarez. Liverpool faced a tough and highly charged affair against Manchester Utd, which resulted in Patrice Evra accusing Suarez of saying something offensive to him. Suarez to his credit, admitted it, but passed it off as a cultural difference. He was backed by his manager and club - but it still generated a lot of bad press, and there were/are rumours of him being sold this summer.

5: Carloz Tevez

Where do you start with Carloz Tevez - since the days of West Ham he has sparked controversy, and never seems to enjoy a quiet life. A World Class player in every respect, Tevez is also a difficult player. This season he apparently refused to go on against Bayern Munich, causing Roberto Mancini to state he is finished at the club - he then preceded to go AWOL for a few months, with nobody giving him a chance of staying. Since then he has returned from his native Argentina, to prove vital in securing City the title. Once the season was over he then sparked yet more controversy by holding up a 'RIP FERGIE' poster that is still being discussed today. It only seems a matter of time before his next headline.

There are of course many more footballers, good and bad, and this post is not a hate crime against the listed players. Footballers ARE human too, and are just as likely to have flaws as the rest of us. The football was interesting this season - and with the likely suspects - and more, it was an interesting season for headlines.