Team that does not exist.

I am coming from a country called Bosnia and Herzegovina. I hope you heard of it, but the point is, that my country was a part of one great country that not exist any more. Thar country's name was YUGOSLAVIA. There were five countries in Yugoslavia: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia all until war that started in 1992 when this great country was destroyed. Anyway, many people here are nostalgic about former Yugoslavia, and so am i. As i am the big fan of football, i often try to imagine our football national team if Yugoslavia still exist. Of course, that's impossible, and my only consolation are video games like PES or Football Manager, where i can build it.

Anyway, in my mind i have one option of the team that could be made of these countries. I know that many will have their opinion about this team saying that this player is not good enough or that one should be better, but this is just my modest opinion. Now, let's begin.

Slovenian Samir Handanovic would be the goalkeeper of this national team. I am pretty much sure that there is no better one in former Yugoslavia. Handanovic is constantly in a good form for Udinese, and he is a target for few bigger clubs.

Right back would be Darijo Srna. Croatian defender who is playing for Shakhtar Donetsk has everything that you want from a player in that position, and he's also a great free kick taker.

Central defenders would be Nemanja Vidic and Emir Spahic. There is nothing much to say about Vidic that you don't know. A captain of Manchester United is good enough for any great club, so he's good for me too. If you wonder why Emir Sahic, let me explain that. Emir is a player who is always giving his best for the national team, and that is the reason he's the captain of Bosnia's national team. Emir is also very devoted on the pitch, and he has that dose of arrogance which every player needs.

Left back would definitely be Alkesandar Kolarov. This Serbian player is a real asset in attacking situations and pretty good in defending too. Also, we can't forget that cannon in his left leg.

Defensive midfielder is place for Dejan Stankovic. I know that he's probably too old, but let's say that he has that something in his self. In many years that he played for Inter, Dejan become one of better DMF's in the world and and his experience would mean a lot on the pitch.

Right midfielder could be Juve's Milos Krasic. This Serbian players is pretty much fast, with good feeling for the space, and he remind me on Pavel Nedved a bit, so i can't resist him.

Left midfielder is Stevan Jovetic. You can say i could find a better one, but Jovetic had a difficult period because of his injury, but remember that he was on the top ten European talent list. He's also really young and with right guidance Jovetic can be incredible on the pitch.

Attacking midfielder, and a playmaker of the team would be Luka Modric. What to say about great Croatian player who's on Chelsea's and Manchester United's radar? His passes are really joy to behold, and if sir Alex thinks Luka would be good for United, than he's definitely good for me to.

There are places for two attackers. First one is Edin Dzeko. Maybe he don't have best days in City, but it's the fact that Dzeko is a really quality striker, who's strong, capable to shoot great with both legs and also has great heading accuracy.

He's partner would be Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I know, he's Swedish. Well not really. Zlatan's parents are from Bosnia, and he wanted to play for Bosnia, but Bosnian football association wanted something else (but that's not the subject). So if Yugoslavia didn't fall apart, Zlatan would definitely play for it.

So, let's see this again. In a 4-4-2 formation, first eleven would be:

Handanovic, Srna, Vidic, Spahic, Kolarov, Stankovic, Krasic, Modric, Jovetic, Dzeko, Ibrahimovic.

In my modest opinion, this would be pretty strong team!