Santos and Monterrey tied for first mexican final game.

N.L. Monterrey, Mexico. Two teams in the city of Monterrey, one in Torreon Coahuila and one located on the border in Tijuana, the four teams from the northern part of Mexico this year have won the role of Mexican football and to have taken care of the capital equipment`s fans, newly promoted Xolos of Tijuana, Torreon`s Santos, the Tigres UANL and Monterrey Rayados were located in the top five Mexican soccer with Club America, a situation that shows that in 2012 the north is the place where mexicans play better football, which was reflected tonight when Santos of Torreon and Monterrey Rayados played the first game of the great series final of the 2012 Clausura soccer Mexico.

It was a warm night in the city of Monterrey, place that has long lived with great intensity football in the first half of the year, just last April 25, Rayados met Santos in the final game of CONCACAF Champions League, game that finished with Monterrey`s victory and the second consecutive CONCACAF`s championship for Rayados. 

The intensity was the main ingredient in this game, Santos put their best people in the field and bet on the safety of Oswaldo Sanchez in goal, the defensive solidity of Felipe Baloy in the defensive zone accompanied by Ivan Estrada, Aaron Galindo and Osmar Mares, the quality of Spanish Marc Crosas in midfield along with Raul Salinas, and the speed and dynamism of the forwards Carlos Darwin Quintero of Colombia, Christian Suarez, Daniel Ludueña and Oribe Peralta of Mexico.

Meanwhile Monterrey players, took the field motivated by the recent achievements and with the intention of beating again Santos as in the first leg of the final series of the CONCACAF Champions League which won 2 - 0 to green and white team. 

Jonathan Orozco in goal, Hiram Mier and Severo Meza on defensive bands led by Darvin Chavez and argentine captain Jose Maria Basanta, Jesus Zavala and Luis Perez in midfield and complemented by Cesar Delgado, Walter Ayovi, and Mexico's Aldo De Nigris with Chilean Humberto Suazo as a center forward, Rayados of Monterrey took to the field to attack from the first minute of the match that started with courage and great dedication from both sides.

The first half was full of bumps, strong sweeps and a strong clash of heads between Jesus Zavala of Monterrey and Aaron Galindo of Santos, that left both players with blood on their heads, reflecting the strength and intensity with which the twenty-two players were fighting for the ball.

In the second half the changes in both teams arrived, the locals put on the court at Argentine Nery Cardozo, and their fastest man atthree-quarter court, the Mexican Angel Reyna, who joined the game to cause danger in the area of ​​Santos, meanwhile Benjami Galindo,Santos coach, rested his creative midfielder Daniel Ludueña to give an opportunity  to Santiago Hoyos, which showed us that Santos saws scoreless draw as a favorable outcome in the face of return match next Sunday at Territorio Santos Modelo.

Monterrey played very close to the goal of Oswaldo Sanchez, that with his reflexes had saved his team playing very attentive and as in his best moments, in addition to Humberto Chupete Suazo,  that did not found clarity to score. 

Meanwhile, Santos was enough only a clear opportunity in the second half, same that could be concretized, thanks to the fighting spirit of the Mexican Oribe Peralta, who at 69 minutes, got the ball back to goal, lowered with serenity and turned to surprise Jonathan Orozco with a good left footed shot that sent the ball to the back of the net from outside the area, leaving in silence all the fans of the Estadio Tecnológico and aroused anger and excitement of the Saints players who shouted heartily the great goal from striker Santos.

The last minutes did not change in intensity, and when Monterrey was trying to make the goel in last minutes, Felipe Baloy; defense of Santos, dropped Humberto Suazo in the area and caused a penalty kick for the local team, that create a chance to tie the game, same as the Chilean striker did not miss and took a powerful shot that tied the game at one goal.

Santos and Monterrey lived a real war on Thursday night May 17 in Monterrey, that will continue on Sunday May 20 in the last match of the mexican tournament that will define the champion of Mexico in Santo`s Stadium;  Territorio Santos Modelo.