So as the season has come to a disappointing conclusion for all united fans, the outstanding reason we failed to win the title bar the unbelievable collapse to Everton and Wigan was our lack of a strong midfield especially in the big games such as Man City. Whilst Scholes and Carrick have consistently performed well when we go with 3 centre midfielders which means one of the following is included:


A united legend, however he isn't a centre midfield player, and has looked well past being the player he once, was for most of the season. He is due to retire soon and his passing is way too sloppy to play in the heart of midfield, why Fergie picks him there is baffling. To emphasise the point United's win percentage us a measly 56% when he has started in the centre of midfield. W:5 D:2 L:2.


Has great potential but is still learning and for the big games I feel a higher profile name is necessary. Cleverley had a great start to the season and appeared to be a midfield solution combined with Anderson especially but injuries have plagued his campaign and he has never really got back for a long stint in the team. Cleverley is definitely one of the midfielders for the future some of the interplay with Danny Welbeck ( who was fantastic this season) was nothing short of superb. If he stays fit then next season he will shine I am sure.  


Again Anderson started the season brilliantly with cleverley and was beginning to look like he was finding the form he demonstrated when he was signed and until cleverley got injured he  looked to have cemented a midfield place down. In the derby at Old Trafford he struggled combined with fletcher as Silva exposed the gap between midfield and defence. I don't think anderson and fletcher are the best combination and fergie needed another midfielder in that day as we got over run. Anderson may be one to leave the club due to his persistent injuries but if he can avoid injury he would be a great acquisition and maybe he will have one more season to prove his fitness. Great when he plays, too injury prone.  


May be forced to retire due to illness. No doubt if he returns to full fitness he is an important cog and a great runner and presser for the team. If he returns to his 2009 form he will be very important next season, having been a big miss this season.  

Park and Rafael

Unfortunately at times this season, Blackburn saw park and rafael as our midfield pairing it was never going to work as rafael is a great fullback but not a centre midfielder by any stretch of the imagination. Park is past the days where he could run endlessly, and he was best out wide and has never had an end product or the range of passing require to play in the centre of midfield and I would expect him to go in the summer other than the fact he brings in huge commercial revenue from Asia.

The Future

United do possess a prestigious academy and have a few hot midfield prospects such as Pogba, Petrucci and Tunnicliffe. Pogba is a fantastic prospect and if we hold on to him he will grace the first team for years to come. He is athletic, technically superb and could progress to be one of the best players of his generation. The important thing is we keep him although rumour suggests he will go to Juventus. Petrucci has stood out in the reserves shown immense technical ability and ability to score goals from time to time, hope to see him get his chance in the future, definitely one to keep an eye on. Tunnicliffe is a combative option who spent time on loan at Peterborough where he played reasonably well, he has good determination and with hard work in training may be able to make it despite not being the most technically gifted player.        

Transfer Market

With Glazer in charge transfer activities may be a minimum but Uncle Malcolm certainly needs to bring in a top class midfielder one of the following would be great but possibly out of reach:

Javi Martinez

Although he has been converted to a CB by Athletic Bilbao in their outstanding Europa league run I believe he could help solve United's midfield problem. He is comfortable on the ball and makes challenges. Impressive every time I have seen him and would be a good signing for United. 


Hazard has been linked to us and would seem to possess the craft we desperately need voted France's best player again this season, if we can hold off  City he could definitely add something to a flagging midfield. Dribbles with the ball and can spot a pass would be a classy addition if were willing to spend big. Could be our David Silva.   


A proven premier league midfielder who can create and keep possession would offer us a different dimension and provide our wingers and strikers with the service they crave. Unlikely to happen due to the hefty price tag Spurs will no doubt demand.  


Been impressed with him especially during the U21 championships capable of creating and scoring goals and has immense potential for the future again with his talent a hefty price tag is likely to come so an unlikely signing. Also performed well as Bilbao reached the Europa league final.  

More likely:


Seems to be the likely signing after rejecting a contract renewal would come cheaper due to his contract expiring next summer. Kagawa is another player who creates chances for his team mates usually sliding through balls to the striker would be a good option due to the lack of financial muscle we are likely to have, certainly has been very impressive for Borussia Dortmund.

Joe Allen

Has done well for Swansea and is an affordable option comfortable in possession and not too old. Definitely worth considering if we don't have much to spend as he is likely to improve and would be better than current options. 

Marouane Fellaini

Successful at Everton and may add some bite to our midfield which is needed and would probably be available due to Everton's lack of finance. His premier league experience and combative nature would definitely be welcomed, not the most creative player but can chip in with goals due to his aerial ability.