One month before the Euros,the spot light starts to shift from the Calcio & the "3rd star" of Juventus to the Squadra Azzurra. For one month all supporters will get united hoping to see Prandelli's men return to glory.

As always, the 23 players that Prandelli will choose are the hot topic now for the Azzurri fans. But this time the attack line is causing the most of this controversy. Rossi & Cassano's injuries resulted in the Azzurri losing both of their starting forwards.  To add to Prandelli's misery, most of his other possible strikers had a poor season, and don't look worthy of a place in the Azzurri.

Pazzini, who was a starter in the qualifiers totally lost his Sampdoria form & only scored 5 goals this seasobn, making him a bench warmer for Inter. Mario Balotelli failed to show composure & a cool head over the season despite some excellent performances. Matri scored some decisive goals for the newly crowned champions but failed to show consistency.

This led to Prandelli giving Roma's pair Osvaldo & Borini their first call ups for the Azzurri but still they didn't offer the much needed attacking threat. All such circumstances led to calls for a recall for veterans like Totti & Del Piero despite not being even regulars for their teams. But if a "veteran" is to be called, doesn't Miccoli deserve that call ?

The 32 year old Palermo player has been enjoying an excellent season with 16 goals scored and 14 assists provided in the league, add to that a goal & an an assist in the Europa league. An amazing record for a player supposed to be in the closing days of his career & playing for a team with limited resources compared to what players like Pazzini & Matri have in their respective teams.

If the former Benfica attacker is to be called, he can provide much needed creativity to the Italian attack, something that seems lacking in the Azzurri attack except for Cassano (whose fitness seems like a major issue). He might not be a starter but he can provide an extra option for Prandelli that can be useful if his main attackers fails to deliver.

With Balotelli, Cassano & Di Natale already having been confirmed, and the on form Giovinco looking likely to join them, it would be a good gamble for Prandelli to give Miccoli a deserved call up after this season.

N.B Fabrizio Miccoli had announced his international retirement in 2011 after his knee injury, however I doubt that he will turn down a call from Prandelli.