Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea and Arsenal are still the only four teams ever to win the Premier League. Obvoiously nowadays the odd one out of these teams would be Blackburn, as they have only ever won this prestigious title once, And Manchester City look on course to winning their first league title since 1968. But there is a simple answer into why they sneaked their way to a title... Money.

With our global economy in decline, there always seems to be money in the football industry, and with football being predominantley run on finances the gap between the best and the rest is heading to frightening heights for world football. In the 80's Nottingham Forrest were a European giant that only Chelsea and Arsenal envy as they have won two major European titles and both off the back of one another, a feet yet to be achieved in the modern Champions League. Yes they had a world class manager in Brian Clough behind them but money helped bring players into the squad that could win trophies. With Blackburn they had bought a team that would surely push them up the league and eventually in the 94/95 season they had won the title. Roman Abramovich came to Chelsea and gave Jose Mourinho a supply of money only witnessed on computer games at his disposal to create a team that would eventually win successive Premier League titles but still haven't been successful in bringing in European silverware. 

Now there are three main forces to be considered in upcoming years as european forces to be reckoned with. Paris St. Germain, Malaga CF and Manchester City. Malaga have started their reign bringing in talents such as Martin Demichelis, Jeremy Toulalan and Ruud Van Nistelrooy into a team that can hopefully surpass the likes of Valencia and Athletico Madrid, into joining the two elite clubs in spain Real Madrid and Barcelona. 

PSG have been lucky to have investment from the Far East and are always looking towards bringing in the enforcements required to challenge with the big guns of European football for titles they are expected to be winning. Javier Pastore is the most lucrative signing made in the recent takeove. Once a target for the likes of Milan, Chelsea and Juventus, PSG were able to capture Pastore's signature ahead of the rest, and he is already being labelled the next best attacking midfielder of his generation. With the likes of Pastore entering the team, it can only entice more players of a high calibre to sign up for PSG and make a name for themselves in European football.

But of course the main team that has been given luck in the Abu-Dhabi takeover monopoly is Manchester City. From sitting not so pretty around the lower half of the Premier League at the end of every season, having to look up to their rivals Manchester United pick up trophy after trophy, the time came in which a waterfall of money came bursting through the light blue side of Manchester and in just over 3 years with over £1billion spent and over £600million spent on players alone, we see a new force in the premier league that will only grow as time goes on. The likes of Vassell, Dunne and Barton have been barged aside for Aguero, Kompany and David Silva to take helm of the sky blue empire coming from Manchester. This can only show what they are aiming to achieve, the saying 'the sky is the limit' does not go through the heads of City fans right now, they believe that they can bring in the best players in the world to put their neighbours United into the 35 year old shadow they have lived in. 

The main debate is whether it is acceptable to "buy" a title for a team. But if you are wanting to compete with the best in modern times you have no choice, Leeds United were a force in the 60's and 70's the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United would always be nervous about, and now they have finally unpacked their boxes and are living comfortably in the Championship! The main reason being because of a lack of money. Barcelona are probably the only team in modern thays that can produce up to five or six wonder kids year in year out but they still have to pay the price to freshen up their already star struck team with half of their starting 11 coming from their academy.

So I'm leaving you now with this question, do you beli
eve that money is the only way to success for now and in the future unless caps are introduced into modern day football? Or can the model of a substantial club, followed by a determined set of players, and a strong charactered manager remain as the modest way to winning silverware? Consideration is needed into whether all teams can emulate Barcelona's model or if Abu Dhabi investors and more from the far east need to play european football Monopoly for greater competition and somehow make the game of football more beautiful and competitive than it is becoming in this day and age.