Recently I wrote a blog about how if Liverpool where to change manager I would not like it to be passed onto Rafa Benitez. However I now believe that, now that the FA cup final is over, the decisions on what is going to happen next season need to begin being made.

No one could of guessed how this season was going to develop but it all needs to be taken into account so we can have everything in place for the most successful season possible. On the one hand you look at the fact that the club has travelled to Wembley 3 times this season - bringing home one trophy in the process. But on the other we are going to finish 8th or 9th in the league, which for Liverpool is never going to be acceptable. We are well off the pace when it comes to the top 5 teams this season, have been the definition of inconsistent and many of the players we believed would carry us this season haven't performed when we have needed them to. Because of all this the questions of whether new coaching staff are needed with new ideas is always going to come up.

      Little under a month ago Damien Comolli left the club by apparent mutual consent, as many began to blame him for some of this seasons mistakes. He was involved in all of our transfers ,many of which the majority of fans have slated into the ground, and therefore blamed for our misfortune. However I am not of this opinion that this is the main thing to blame. Andy Carroll's price tag was obviously inflated but that was down to the Torres sale and the fact that at the time he was probably the most exciting English striker to come around since Rooney, with many years left in him to prove his worth. Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing where probably their clubs players of the season and with both teams they came from already having gotten rid of other star players earlier in the year (Darren Bent and Ashley Young) their prices was always going to rise. This was again the case with Charlie Adam and when you sign a central midfielder for £7 million who is expected to be paired with a holding midfielder like Lucas I believe he looks quite good. Adam's criticism has only really came through since our star Brazilians injury. Doni hasn't had much time to prove anything, Enrique and Bellamy both started well but have faltered as the season went on and Suarez is just Suarez. Out of all these players the only one I actually wouldn't mind us selling this summer is Henderson simply because he is a little out of his depth. I feel sorry for him at times and really want the lad to improve but he seems a little bit too off the pace for what we are after at the moment. As well as all this when Comolli did resign Dalglish quickly came out saying all signings that were made where made by Kenny himself, by recommendation from Comolli. So taking all of this into account how can you blame the Frenchman?

      But despite this it is easy to make a case for Dalglish. He improved the clubs league position by 6 places when taking over from Hodgson, gotten rid of some dead wood in the transfer market very efficiently, in his last stint as manager he won 3 leagues and 2 Fa cups in five year period and played 501 games for the club becoming probably our greatest ever player. He is the current regimes connection with the old boot room and in my opinion one of the most respectable and legendary faces of the game British football has ever seen. As well as this it is hard to say a season which contains 3 trips to Wembley can ever be called a bad one. But that is the Liverpool way and it is not the league position that worries me most it is the football we play.

     Roy Hodgson's era at the club was the most boring football I have ever seen watching the club but sometimes Dalglish's team is just poor. The passing, the formation and the team selection all are things that I find hard to find positives in - something that I believe that was perfectly highlighted in the FA cup final. In the last month running up to the cup final Andy Carroll had scored 3 goals and his overall play was getting towards what I believe we bought him for. As well as this Chelsea had a lot of defensive problems in the run up to the final so having to mark the big man would cause problems, yet he was not started. Dalglish matched Chelsea's basic formation that contained 5 in midfield, except Chelsea played it in more of a diamond style whereas we had two basic holding midfielders. This style was unadventurous and basically gave Spearing and Henderson a very hard job of trying to keep the ball against the very hard working midfield of Chelsea. Of course if this would of worked and we had won the cup questions wouldn't be getting asked but if Dalglish would of realised this earlier in the league as well we would probably be higher up in the table.

     So in my opinion a change would be good for the club. Dalglish is a massive figure at the club and obviously his reputation comes before him, but I believe that it is about the now not the past. I would like it to be done carefully however, with Kenny realising something new might be for the best and I would love him to stay at the club in a similar role he arrived in 3 years ago. Every fan will have their own opinions on this topic and as I said earlier it is easy to make a case for both sides, but I want a change of management to carry us into next season and build a squad worthy of titles.