Liverpool are desperately in need of a striker? Who should be on their rader? A new and radical way of grading strikers...

Firstly, I want to make a point that the following analysis uses a way of weighting or ranking goals scored to determine their importance as follows:

Goals which change the result such as equalisers and go-ahead goals are weighted as 1.5, goals which extend a lead to 2 goals or bring a deficit back to 1 goal are weighted as 1, and goals which extend a lead to 3 goals (or more) or bring back the deficit to two goals (or more) are weighted as 0.5. This is then divided by the number of goals scored to give the Weighted Goal Return (WGR), which will be a number between 0.5 and 1.5. The higher the better. Therefore, Ronaldo and Messi, while admittedly great players, score a lot of goals when games essentially dead (huge leads) and therefore they only end up with a WGR of 1.09 and 0.99 respectively.

I’ve narrowed the search criteria down to the players who have scored 8 or more times this season and who are 26 or under. The list below is the guys who on average have the cajones to score when it matters most.

Don’t let the lack of star names put you off. Let’s face it Liverpool probably couldn’t attract a star name at the moment anyway, if you want someone who can put the ball in the net when you need a goal most these are them.

1. C. Stuani (Racing Santander): Age: 25 Gls: 8 – WGR: 1.44

2. M. Ruben (Villareal): Age: 25 Gls: 9 – WGR: 1.39

3. N. Fedor (Getafe): Age: 26 Gls: 12 – WGR: 1.33

4. Negredo (Sevilla): Age: 26 Gls: 13 – WGR: 1.27

5. Soldado (Valencia): Age: 26 Gls: 17 – WGR: 1.26

6. S. Rondon (Malaga): Age: 22 Gls: 10 – WGR: 1.25

7. T. Hemed (Mallorca): Age: 24 Gls: 8 – WGR: 1.25

8. C. Vela (Real Sociedad): Age: 23 Gls: 12 – WGR: 1.25

9. Agirretxe (Real Sociedad): Age: 25 Gls: 10 – WGR: 1.20

10. Diego Costa (Rayo Vallecano): Age: 23 Gls: 8 – WGR: 1.13

11. R. Falcao (Atletico Madrid): Age: 26 Gls: 17 – WGR: 1.07

The most interesting guy on the list for me are Rondon at Malaga (who scored 14 last year as well) and Diego Costa at Rayo Vallecano (only 13 appearances). If you want young potentially cheap, youthful goal getters these are the guys I’d go for.

What do you think? Are you surprised with the people on this list? Can you think of someone in La Liga (potentially the best league in the world) who would do better than these guys?