Well whenever we talk about a particular club say for eg Manchester United, Chelsea or City the first thing we would say how important a manager is or how important a particular player is, but little do people know that Scouts are like the back-bone of any club.

They are a very important part of managerial cabinet of any club. A club dosent need to have billionaire owner if the club has a good scout. This season the clubs like City, Liverpool have been the highest spenders in the PL spending 100's of millions on players, and even after spending such amounts of money both the clubs havent given performances of that level.

Whereas a team like Newcastle United who have spent nearly around 14million this season has just shown having a quality scout can give you success too if you dont have billions in a bank. Earlier clubs like Arsenal and Manchester United were known to sign young talent who all went on to become hits at their respective clubs due to quality player scouts in the team's cabinet.

Now with Newcastle following these clubs, expect more clubs in the next season to do the same.