I heard a rumor that Guardiola is about going to change Sir Alex Ferguson's Position as the Manchester United manager.

If this is true, I doubt  that he can survive as long as SAF can. I think, it's a necessary for  Manchester United  to find a new coach as SAF prepare for his retirement. Although, Pep is one of the best coach in the world right now and Manchester United surely have hundred reasons to 'give' the position for him, however, in my opinion, he is not suitable (yet) to compete in EPL, especially, if he manages  Manchester United.

I do respect him and what he has done for the last 4 years, but I'm still not sure he can give as much as SAF can for  Manchester United . Now you see, the fact that Barca is already lost  their title in La Liga and were knocked out in semifinal of Champion League because of the weakness of their game, which is created by Pep, are getting known by others. Guardiola's game is not flexible - attack with impressive ball position - contrast with Ferguson's, whereas the counter attack could be very dangerous, excellent in attacking position, and discipline in defending.

Football is not just about attacking the opponent areas, not just having the ball all the time, it is about everything; ready to count attack, good in positioning the ball, discipline in defending, be patient, and of course, the spirit for the glory (never giving up). Nevertheless, if the rumor is true, what can I say! (I'm just the Red Army). Well, Guardiola deserve  for that chance. Maybe, this is one of his dreams, to be in the Theater of Dreams.

I will put on all hopes on the new manager, whoever he is, I will support him to be a new history maker.

Yes, because we are UNITED.