What is it with today’s football boots? I am a massive fan of leather boots, always have and always will. Just plain and simply the fit is that much better. The furthest I’ve worn from leather was the Nike mercurial Vapor ii + iii Teijin synthetic – moulds to your feet, but still nothing on leather. Is there something nostalgic about leather and will football boot producers ever match leather in a more technologically advanced synthetic form?

I have started on the anti synthetic bandwagon after the numerous “attempts” of boot makers to progress the art of the football boot. However, it seems the pinnacle of the football boot is long behind us. The global Petition for Adidas to re-introduce the predator mania series is symptomatic of this desire to own an old pair of classics. The leather firm ground manias are seen as the best boot sever made, classy, durable, light and of course leather. This global desire to own another pair of manias is matched by the price you will have to pay. BNIB FG you’re looking at £299.99. Whilst used is still in the region of £200-250. These prices are so by far and away astronomically in advance of the release price, is stern testament to the quality in production of adidas predator manias.

The petition to #BringBackTheMania highlights the desire to own an old pair of adidas classics. From the earliest 1994 through to the predator Pulses’, all produced as the best in the series. However, there has been a recent upturn and trend towards Nike’s Synthetic Teijin Upper’s. The prices of the Vapor II and III’s have skyrocketed and in many cases now match the manias. Obviously, the material is not purely synthetic, but it is still “produced,” and yet alongside the mania’s, rate as the best football boots made in the last 12-14 years.

The process of this article is therefore to truly question where football boot producers are going wrong. For the last 3 Nike Mercurial Vapor Series boots, the material has been Synthetic and “plastic.” Nike Superfly II’s can be picked up for sub £100 and even the CR7 Vapor’s have not and will not hold up there price anywhere near the r9 series – believed to be the pride of Nike’s fleet. The qualities of a lack of feel means the “newer” Vapor’s do not even come close to the greatness of the Vapor III. And consequently, The Pro Boot Room asks why Nike, Adidas, Puma etc don’t take a look at the current market and re-produce earlier models. Therefore boosting the current global market and reducing the churning out of fake, bright, plastic boots, would mean an up-surge in football boot collection, and re-light the producers’ aims to create better and better boots!