The FA have chosen to appoint the former Liverpool and Fulham manager in Roy Hodgson to lead England to the European Championships. For most of the public and in the media, his appointment is largely seen as a disappointed when compared to Harry Redknapp but I disagree.

Yes, Harry Redknapp had solidified Portsmouth as a permanent fixture in the top flight and turned them into FA Cup winners, he has given Tottenham Champions League football and is probably the most popular English manager around at the minute.

But does he have international experience?

Well apart from opening an off-shore bank account (allegedly, may I add) he doesn’t. This is where the Tottenham gaffer and Roy Hodgson differ. Hodgson has been all around Europe and mainly in England with club football but internationally he has been flung as far as the United Arab Emirates.

He is more known for qualifying Switzerland in the 1994 World Cup and his good record was carried over to Finland who he transformed into an almost Euro 2008 qualifier. He has received good recommendations from the likes of Jerome Thomas at his current club of West Brom, who he has cured the yo-yo fashion of their club and was on his way to establishing a top half finish.

Thomas has experienced both Redknapp and Hodgson as managers and has said that both have the man management skills to succeed in the highest of football. Let’s not forget Hodgson has led both Inter Milan and Fulham to UEFA Cup finals, with the latter being the impressive accomplishment.

I believe that Hodgson’s vast and varied experience across the board of European and international football management has swung the FA’s decision and with Redknapp locked in a tough battle for Champions League football, the decision was made ever the easier.

Although Hodgson isn’t the fan’s favourite he is probably best suited for the job. It used to be Sam Allardyce who was waiting for the England job but his reputation was tarnished thanks to a poor tenure at St. James’ Park. Redknapp has coached the likes of Southampton and Portsmouth in recent years and the same fate could have been waiting in the wings when he joined Tottenham.

No such luck for Redknapp though as he was able to establish Spurs as one of the best English clubs and renowned around Europe for their excursions in the 2010-11 season in the Champions League where they were eliminated in the final eight thanks to Real Madrid.

Clubs such as Malmo and FC Copenhagen and profuse glory in these Scandinavian states are another dimension to Hodgson’s apparent experience. Yes, he’s reputation took a knock in his troubled tenure at Liverpool where he made the mistake of not being Kenny Dalglish.

He couldn’t emulate ‘King Kenny’ and has in fact, possibly had a better record than the Scot. Several league titles with Malmo and a double with Copenhagen in the past along with terrific achievements with Fulham possibly played on the FA’s mind.

With these factors they had no choice but to appoint Hodgson. His experience, knowledge and records speak for themselves and with the man management that vacated Capello in South Africa could be regained in the most unlikely of places in eastern Ukraine when England’s European Championship campaign kicks off in earnest against France in Donetsk in six weeks.