Growing up with football.


I can just remember the days when I was dragged to my first Leeds match at a young age of about 5 or 6 by my Dad.My Dad a lifelong Leeds fan , and as all Dads that are Leeds fans they endorse you into Leeds United and i gladly thank my Dad for this. I grew up in a family of Leeds fans with my Grandad probably doing the same with my Dad. I was born in Steeton in the Bradford resort but you wouldn't see me in a Bradford shirt, that might seem a bit "oh look at him going for the better side, he's a glory fan" Well that not the case as my Dad would have killed me if I had turned into a Bradford fan and I didn't want to ruin the family tradition.
I wasn't a big fan of football at a younger age I was more interested in Toy Story, but the more and more I went to games I fell in love with it. Im still in love with the beautiful game today.I wouldnt know what to do without football.My club if you haven't have guessed by now is the "mighty" whites of Leeds United.I remember the days of Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and then the Alan Smith and now the Luciano Becchio era. It may sound a bit weird but ever since I fallen in love with the whites they have fallen and things have gone wrong, that might have just been a cliche from when i was younger because now I'm nearly classed as an adult we aren't doing that bad on the pitch.We are currently in the championship just outside the play-offs and still trying to push for the big time, off the pitch there are a few problems with Leeds United which I will cover in another blog. Because of what's happening off the pitch in the business side, Me and my Father(a season ticket holder of 26 years) will not be entering Elland Road until we know our money will be spent on the club and not on the owners fancies.I will not mention the name but I will later do a blog about for the excitement and tension(cough cough Ken Bates)I still love Leeds United and i always will I just this a period of time where I wont go to the games for the better of club and slowly but surely other fans are seeing why the attendances of Elland Road are dropping.
With me and my Dad seeking a new football experience, we tend to go and watch a lot of local football. Apart from Chesterfield most of the football we go and watch is non league.I remember my Dad saying to me shall we go and watch Alfreton Town, I thought to myself they are non league so the game will be played on a park with what I picture chavs as ball boys! I agreed to go with him and we got the Impact arena and it was much better than I thought it would be.There were actual floodlights! A massive step up from my imagination.We have been following how Alfreton have been doing from about 2008 and they have been promoted in that time and now a Conference Premier side.In the journey to promotion they seemed to get better game after game.They are battling relegation in the conference but knowing that they have the satisfaction of the highest table finish in the clubs history.I really hope they stay up and I believe they will.They play some brilliant football at times, in my opinion its the case of taking risk against sides that seems to be the problem.They tend to defend off against big clubs and seem to play for the draw and not go for it like they should.They are scared of getting caught on the break.Like I said i really believe they can stay up this season and push on and get the Impact arena a big ground like they intend to.I will keep you informed of games I go to and notes or a full match reports on the game.

Like I said football is my life and I want to be a professional sports writer and get my thoughts and opinions on the beautiful game to the world.

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